‘Yellowstone’ Fans Make Suggestions for What Duttons Desperately Need in Season 4

by Kayla Zadel

“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me” seems fitting for what the Dutton family has been lacking in the first three seasons of “Yellowstone.”

The point that John, Beth, Jaime, Kayce, and family don’t have any sort of security detail has spawned a whole thread on a discussion forum, according to Looper.

Fans of the hit show are analyzing the fact that the Dutton’s don’t have any sort of security. Season three ended in a coordinated attack on the Montana-based family, but believe it or not, this isn’t the first time the Dutton’s have been assaulted.

User u/shadowlovesme writes, “All these multimillion-dollar homes and nobody locks their doors or has security system armed.”

However, there are a couple of instances where security or bodyguards are used.

Real estate developer Dan Jenkins (Danny Houston) hired a bodyguard, but it didn’t end too well for either one of them.

One user shares, “he has ONE bodyguard? One? Maybe should have had a team.”

Additionally, u/bell37 heeds warning and advice, “He’s had multiple people break into his house this season (with the intent to harm him).” Both Jenkins and the former cop he hires as security are killed.

In another instance, Chief Thomas Rainwater has a driver/bodyguard that’s always by his side. However, this seems to work out better for him than it did Jenkins. Mo Brings Plenty is a man of few words, but when he does speak he offers advice to Rainwater. Plus he might not look like a fighter but will step up if the time comes.

Fans Speculate Who Orderd Attack on Duttons

History seems to repeat itself when it comes to the Duttons. The family always seems to be locked in a land battle with someone. As a result, it seems to bring various attacks on the family.

In season two, Tate Dutton, John’s grandson gets kidnapped under the orders of the Beck brothers. Additionally, John’s daughter, Beth gets beaten within inches of her life from the same battle. But the Dutton family still doesn’t seem to think that they need security. After all, they can handle themselves most of the time, and when they can’t, they all on the bunkhouse for back-up.

While fans of the western drama sit and wait for season four to debut, they discuss their take on the coordinated attack on the Dutton family that ended season three.

In a Reddit thread entitled “#WHODIDIT?: My take on the possible suspects for the triple attack against Duttons … ” user u/Adapikachu analyzes every character that has a motive to carry out an attack. They ended on one of the newer cut-throat characters that fans were recently introduced to.

“Angela Blue Thunder is pretty possible … the dialogue in the car after the meeting is scary if you think how it went … ‘You have an opportunity to free that land of him. And it will look like everyone but you who did it’ … maybe she planned everything, behind Thomas’ back … MY BET IS ON HER.”

Other commenters think it’s Market Equities. u/fenbaldwin argues, “A triple hit would definitely up their game.” Then some speculate it’s Jaime Dutton’s (Wes Bentley), biological father.

Only time will tell and as we wait for the premier of season four in June, catch-up on all things “Yellowstone” here.