‘Yellowstone’ Fans Offer Hot Takes on Their Favorite Female Characters

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” has no shortage of interesting and complex female characters. But fans gave their hot takes on the best ones in the series in a recent poll.

A “Yellowstone” fan on Reddit posted the poll and asked fellow fans to vote on their favorite woman on the show. The poll only holds six potential choices, and this user included Beth, Monica, Teeter, Laramie, Summer Higgins, and Christina (Jamie’s ex). They said you could post other women in the comments if they weren’t part of the poll.

As of 10:30 a.m. on Jan. 13, the woman in the lead was not who you’d expect. While many “Yellowstone” fans might expect Beth to take the top spot, the person in the lead is actually Teeter. She has almost 30 votes up on Beth Dutton.

Beth drew some criticism from fans this season, as some saw her character arc stay pretty stagnant. She didn’t grow as much as in previous seasons, according to some fans, and her attitude came across as more vindictive than badass.

Teeter, on the other hand, made fans root for her all the more throughout “Yellowstone” Season 4. She showed us a different, more vulnerable side of her when she approached John Dutton about keeping her job. Seeing that heartbreaking scene between her, John, and Rip just made fans really appreciate her character.

But in the comments on the post, even more fans chimed in with an unexpected favorite who several wish would’ve been placed on the poll in the first place.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Unexpectedly Root for This Female Character

And the unexpected dark horse is: Governor Lynelle Perry. Way more fans than expected expressed their support and appreciation for Lynelle in the comments of the Reddit poll above.

“Going to go with the Governor. Beautiful, smart, powerful, and the only person to hold her own with the big boys while maintaining dignity,” one fan said.

“The governor. She’s tough and calm and good for John,” another person wrote.

A different fan commented, “The Governor. She’s the only female character on this show that feels even remotely like she could be a real person.”

A few other surprising votes also made their way into the comments on the “Yellowstone” post. Fans, of course, rooted for Jimmy’s new girlfriend Emily. As one fan put it, “That right hook sold me. Plus she’s from Texas.” What an unforgettable moment from the Season 4 finale.

Other fans mentioned Angela Blue Thunder, the scary lawyer working for the Broken Rock Reservation. We haven’t seen her at all since Season 3, even though the reservation is directly tied into the Market Equities plotline.

No matter who fans love the most on “Yellowstone,” though, we’d all have to agree that these female characters make the show that much richer and more complex because of their presence and performance.