‘Yellowstone’ Takes Fans on Photo Tour of Real-Life Dutton Ranch: ‘No Place We’d Rather Be’

by Will Shepard

Season four of Yellowstone is on the horizon. For those, like us, at Outsider who are addicted to the show, the new season can’t come soon enough.

Thankfully, Yellowstone is filling in the gaps for its devoted fans. Consequently, one of the things that they are showing off is the real-life Dutton Ranch.

The ranch’s real name is Chief Joseph Ranch. As those who watch the show know, the ranch is breathtaking. Consequently, Yellowstone decided to share their excitement about the upcoming season by way of a short video.

On YouTube, they shared a series of still images compiled into a video of the ranch. They played the theme song in the background with “There’s no place we’d rather be” written on the bottom of each image.

Who Lives on the Real-Life “Yellowstone” Ranch?

Without a doubt, the Dutton Ranch on Yellowstone is utterly gorgeous. But does anyone live on the Chief Joseph Ranch when the show isn’t filming?

The scenery on the ranch is outstanding. There are incredible views of the mountains from almost every spot on the ranch. It also includes myriad horses and countless days of beautiful weather. So, it would stand to reason that the natural beauty of the ranch would inspire people to live and work there.

But, when the Duttons, Rip Wheeler, and company aren’t filming, no one lives there year-round. Nonetheless, the Yellowstone ranch is still technically a working guest ranch. Anyone who wants to – and can afford the price tag – can visit and stay at the 2,500-acre property.

The ranch was actually one of the first working guest ranches in the U.S.’s western states. The original owner of the ranch passed away in 1935. So, to maintain the costs, his wife and daughters transitioned the property to what it is today.

What’s in Store for the Duttons in the Fourth Season?

So, with filming on the fourth season finished, what will the newest season of Yellowstone have in store for viewers? Recently, the Chief Joseph Ranch asked the same question.

There are a lot of unanswered questions from Season three that fans are looking forward to having answered. The most important of which is what will happen to the Duttons?

Even though the questions won’t have answers until June, the guesses are still flying. Chief Joseph Ranch shared a picture of the ranch and said, “Tranquility and calm on the ranch. Will this carry over into Season four, or will the violence of Season three spill over? What are your predictions?”

So, as everyone waits for the next season, what are your best guesses as to what will happen?