‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Piling Onto Missoula Streets as Show Films Season 5 in Montana

by Jonathan Howard

So, the secret is out. Yellowstone Season 5 is under production right now and Missoula, Montana has been overrun with fans of the series. With that in mind, some folks have decided that they would check out the town and see if they can spot some of their favorite stars. It’s a little bit of Hollywood right there in the town of about 75,000 people.

While some are just trying to get a look at the Yellowstone cast, others have bigger ideas. Right now, Broadway and Main Street are closed in the town. And, there are a lot of people that are hoping to be an extra in the series. So, if you check things out in Missoula, you’re likely going to find some people standing around.

Produciton crews have filled the streets along with the many fans and extras. It’s quite a scene apparently. There’s nothing that small town people like more than seeing a big Hollywood production in town.

Season 5 has fans so excited. Last season, the series made a statement. Kelly Reilly is the leading lady now and will have an even more important role moving forward in the new season. While millions of viewers have known about the awesomeness of Yellowstone for years, the critics seem to be catching on as well.

Missoula must be packed with the rubbernecking fans, the extras working, and of course, all the other madness that comes with a big budget production crew. But one big question remains… is this the last season of the show?

Is ‘Yellowstone’ Coming to an End After Season 5?

One thing we learned from 1883 is that Taylor Sheridan doesn’t care to end a series abruptly and without a followup. When the story is over, it’s over – no dragging it out for more money, views, or whatever it might be. With Season 5 being filmed, fans have wondered how long the flagship series is going to stay pumping out new material.

Well, perhaps Kevin Costner knows. He talked about that very topic recently.

“I really don’t know,” he said. The actor went on, “I don’t really look to the future. I deal with everything [as it comes].”

So, that’s not exactly comforting if you are hoping to see the series continue for years longer. However, no one knows until it is over. That means we just need to wait and see what the new season has in store. There’s a lot of unfinished business from a lot of characters on the show. And, what about John Dutton’s political aspirations?

Season 5 is going to be here sooner rather than later at this point. We are basically four months away from the season premiere, what are you hoping to see? Yellowstone is unpredictable.