‘Yellowstone’ Fans Pit Jamie Against Beth in Debate Over Who’s More Likable

by Jennifer Shea

Ah, the perennial Yellowstone debate: Jamie (Wes Bentley) or Beth (Kelly Reilly)?

Yellowstone fans are at it again, hashing out which character they prefer in the bitter Dutton family rivalry. Is it Jamie, initially the dutiful son who sacrificed for his family but later the ambitious black sheep who inadvertently brought about the vicious Season 3 attacks on the Duttons? Or is it Beth, vituperative and mean-spirited at first gloss but loyal and family-oriented in the end?

In a new thread on Reddit, a Jamie fan wondered what others see in Beth. And the poster wound up kicking off a debate over each character’s strengths and weaknesses.

Jamie Fan Wonders What People See in Beth

One Yellowstone fan launched the thread with an explanation of what Yellowstone has meant to his or her family. But apparently, that fan is the odd man or woman out in the family, with everybody else preferring Beth and John Dutton (Kevin Costner) to Jamie.

“My family and I have started to discuss the show in our daily lives,” the fan explained. “My entire family loves Beth and John while Jamie (and to a certain extent Jimmy) are my favorite characters. They praise Beth and John about being ‘honest’ and how they consider them fair. I thought it was just an isolated case but it turns out a lot more people like Beth and John’s personalities than I originally thought.”

“My main question is why?” the fan then wondered. “Why do people see Beth and John as more redeemable than characters like Jamie?”

As the fan pointed out, Beth’s rudeness often borders on caricature and John’s children often come in second to his quest to preserve his land. And that fan is not alone – others promptly joined in to joke about how outlandish Beth’s lines often seem and how John usually humors her no matter what.

Is Jamie Really an Everyman on Yellowstone?

“Beth and John represent fantasies for some people,” another fan observed. “They wish they could go through life, treating everyone like garbage, and always come out on top. Everyone has been Jamie at some point in life, he’s a much more realistic character.”

“You know if Jamie shot Beth with [a] shotgun, Django style and then gets killed by Rip in the series finale, I would still be happy,” yet another fan chimed in. “That’s how much I hate Beth but love Rip. Also I think that it would be a karmic and poetic end to Beth, a person who thinks she’s smart and pushes other people buttons and finally facing the consequences of it.”

Rip (Cole Hauser) may well have to confront Jamie before the series finale, based on the way things are going so far in Season 4. But time will tell what ultimately happens between Jamie and Beth.

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