‘Yellowstone’ Fans Question a Strange Detail About the Attack on the Duttons

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Through four full seasons the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” has brought us numerous memorable moments.

Perhaps the climax of the “Yellowstone” series came at the end of season three, which proves to be a real game-changer. Three members of the Dutton family come under attack and are nearly killed. Family patriarch John Dutton is shot in the chest numerous times as he helps a stranded family change a tire. John’s son, Kayce Dutton, is also attacked by unknown ambushers. He is able to take cover behind a desk and is not seriously injured in the first part of the attack. John’s daughter, Beth Dutton, is the recipient of a package bomb that detonates inside her office just a few feet from where she stands. Though badly injured, all three members of the Dutton family miraculously survive the attacks. This sets the basis for the fourth season, establishing a storyline that follows each episode.

Early in the fourth season, we learn that it is Garrett Randall who organized the attacks on the Duttons. He claims he did so in order to free his son, Jamie Dutton, of the Dutton family’s control. It was a shocking revelation that “Yellowstone” fans are still talking about. Fans still have plenty of questions regarding just how Randall was able to carry out the attacks. It is the subject of a recent Reddit discussion.

“How did Jamie’s dad afford a hit on the Duttons?” a Reddit user asks. “Couldn’t have been a jail favor since the blabbering hitman at the casino had a wad of cash on him from it, right?”

Some “Yellowstone” fans have theories.

“My thought was he wants Jamie to inherit the Dutton fortune,’ a fan says. “He resents John for raising his son but still not loving him.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Discuss Hit on the Dutton Family

Some “Yellowstone” fans suggest that Garrett Randall had some financial backing to pull off the hit. Could Market Equities be the money behind the attempts on the Dutton family’s lives?

“I still think Market Equities is involved with the Dutton attack in some way,” another Reddit user says. “They seem like a sneaky bunch that would try something like that.”

Despite the fourth season now being complete, it still seems like there are plenty of unanswered questions.

Jamie kills his biological father at the end of season four after being discovered by Beth Dutton. With Garrett Randall now residing at the train station, we may never get the full story behind the failed hits.

It is certainly possible that “Yellowstone” revisits the assassination attempts in the future. Fans would certainly love to see that and discover how it really went down. We’ll have to wait until season five arrives.

Until then, “Yellowstone” fans will have plenty to talk about.