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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Point Out a Confusing Detail About the Bunkhouse

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

While we are currently in the show’s offseason, “Yellowstone” fans are going to be talking about season four for a long time.

One of season four’s most surprising elements was the feud between “Yellowstone” ranch hands Lloyd and Walker. The two were fighting for the affection of buckle bunny Laramie. She first took a liking to Lloyd in season three but jumped Walker’s bed at the end of the season. That sparked a major fight between the two, culminating in Lloyd stabbing Walker in the chest after smashing his guitar. Sensing he was losing control over the bunkhouse due to the presence of females, John fires the female ranch hands. This includes Laramie, Mia and Teeter being exiled from the “Yellowstone” bunkhouse. Teeter pleads with John Dutton for her job and he relents after realizing she had been branded by Rip Wheeler. She is allowed to stay in the bunkhouse and Laramie and Mia also return later on.

“Yellowstone” fans have questions as to why Mia and Laramie were able to return to the bunkhouse like nothing had happened. It is the topic of discussion in a recent Reddit thread.

“Why were the girls back in the bunk house after getting fired?” a Reddit user asks. “I dont recall anything happening with them being fired and being back in the house like nothing ever happened. It seems strange that Rip or John would allow that after they made the decision.”

“Yellowstone” viewers have plenty of theories on why the ladies are back in the bunkhouse.

“They were fired from payroll not banned from the ranch,” one fan says.

“Teeter should be the only one in there,” another Redditor points out. “She’s the only one with a reason. And she works harder than the guys do anyway.”

‘Yellowstone’ Bunkhouse See Trials and Tribulations

The fourth season was a wild one for the boys of the “Yellowstone” bunkhouse. The Lloyd and Walker rift dominated the storyline but plenty else happened during the season.

Rip Wheeler pretty much gave his closest friend, Lloyd, hell all season long. He beat him to a bloody pulp twice on the season and generally treated him like dirt throughout the season. Yes, Lloyd broke the no-fighting rule, but loyalty should count for something. Rip does, however, keep Lloyd as his best man during his wedding ceremony to Beth Dutton. All is well that ends well.

We didn’t get to see much of the Teeter and Colby love affair, but what we saw we liked. There should be more of this unlikely couple in the fifth season and beyond.

We eve see newcomer Carter make his way to the bunkhouse to meet the crew and play a few hands of poker. That could serve as foreshadowing as Carter could be working his way up the ladder and become a “Yellowstone” ranch hand in the future.