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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Point Out the Parallels Between Beth Dutton and ‘1883’s Elsa

by Amy Myers
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The latest seasons of both Yellowstone and 1883 have, sadly, come to a close. Now, it seems more than ever fans are finding similarities between the two shows. Now, fans have identified characteristics that tie young Elsa from 1883 to her descendant, Beth, in Yellowstone.

Warning: Major 1883 season finale spoilers ahead. Continue reading at your own risk.

Of course, as we know, 1883 is a prequel series of the original show. However, it wasn’t until the season finale of the Oregon Trail-era show that we really started to pick up on the parallel elements in both worlds. Some fans have even pointed out some uncanny similarities between Elsa and Beth’s personalities. This was especially apparent when the young teen began to know her fate following her run-in with a band of avenging Comanches.

Like Beth, Elsa often recognized the darker parts of life for what they were. Though she was a dreamer, as her mother called her, she understood that, ultimately, life and death must co-exist. And morality is only a cruel deception.

On Reddit, Yellowstone and 1883 fans alike gathered to discuss how the two Dutton women, born generations apart, could be so similar.

“I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this or posted anything about it yet, but I’ve been rewatching Yellowstone as I’ve been watching 1883, and when rip and Beth are drinking whiskey on the roof, she pretty much word for word repeats Elsa’s line about heaven and hell existing right beside each other, and god is the land,” the initiator of the thread shared. “Now I guess technically Beth said it first. But I just thought it was really amazing writing on Taylor Sheridan’s part, such a great line and it’s super cool to notice some of the tiny references.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Also Compared Elsa to This Western Character

Elsa’s comparison to Beth wasn’t the only connection that some insightful Yellowstone and 1883 fans made. Previously, other Reddit users discussed how Elsa and Westworld protagonist Dolores were similar.

In Westworld, Dolores was the innocent southern belle that underwent an “awakening” that made her aware of the unfair conditions of her world. Fans were quick to note that early on in Elsa’s journey, she experienced the same kind of transformation.

“Anyone else feel like Elsa is a direct rip off of Dolores from West World,” one 1883 watcher asked. “The inner monologues, the verbiage used is nearly idnetical [sic] and holds the same importance on both shows. Even the actual monologue of waking from a dream to a new un-explored world is nearly indetical [sic]. Heck they even have on nearly the exact same dress and of course their physcial [sic] appearances are a pretty close match.”