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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Ponder If Jamie Can Ever Be Redeemed Following Season 4

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

After a wild-and-woolly Season 4 for Jamie Dutton, some Yellowstone fans are wondering if he can ever truly be redeemed.

(Spoiler Alert! Some scenes from the season finale are going to be shared here.)

Sure, we all know that Jamie, played by Wes Bentley, eliminated Garrett, played by Will Patton, from the show. One bullet to the head did the job. Then Jamie got bull-rushed in his quest for the governor’s seat by John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner.

Will this Yellowstone character receive some type of redemption for his work? A thread from Reddit gives us some fan reaction. It is titled “Thoughts on Jamie’s story in S4”.

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Was Hoping Jamie Might Catch A Break

One fan writes, “John and Kaycee [sic] ask Jamie to look into the man in prison and find out more about who ordered the hit. Then they do not ever ask Jamie again about it?” Kaycee refers to Kayce Dutton, played by Luke Grimes. A Redditor replies, “Season 4 could’ve been good…” That’s followed up with, “Their concern was to find out if Jamie was behind the attack. They killed most, if not all of the attackers which they believe would have sent a message to whoever was behind it.”

Then, this Yellowstone fan offers up quite a lengthy post mentioning, well, redemption.

“Yeah, it is really disappointing,” the Redditor writes. “I was hoping for some ‘redemption’ for Jamie or something (in scare quotes because Kayce and Beth probably need more redemption than him – tho I guess Kayce got it with his vision quest) and instead they just made Beth meaner and doubled-down on dealing Jamie a sh–ty hand in life.”

Beth refers to Beth Dutton, played by Kelly Reilly.

This Fan of the Show Wants Dutton Son To Be Part Of Resolution

“I’m not sure what is preventing them from doing something good for him, but clearly this is [show creator Taylor] Sheridan’s vision,” this fan of Yellowstone says. “I’m sure this will all end in a series finale that is deeply dissatisfying. Ironically, they might win more fan support if they evened out the treatment of characters.

“I still assume Jamie is central to the ultimate resolution of the story, though — his legal expertise was so important in those first few seasons and that still seems to be the ace card in saving the ranch,” the fan continues. “So treat him nice?!”

And this fan adds a little touch to the thread: “I hope that in the next season John finds out that Jamie took Garrett on a train ride. That would be a nice daddy’s day gift for John.”

Expect more drama to pour out of Yellowstone in Season 5, fans.