‘Yellowstone’ Fans Praise Kevin Costner’s Heartfelt Oscars Speech

by Leanne Stahulak

Last night, “Yellowstone” star Kevin Costner delivered an Oscars speech that inspired and touched many fans watching from home.

Costner appeared on stage towards the end of the night. He presented the award for Best Director, giving a speech about what his experience has been like behind the camera. But Kevin Costner’s Oscars speech also related his experience as a kid seeing a movie for the first time back to all of us. We’ve all been in his shoes, seeing a movie for the first time in a way that changed our perceptions of them.

The speech was heartfelt, inspirational, and a true testament to the “magic” of moviemaking. Many “Yellowstone” and movie fans agreed, praising Costner on Twitter after the show.

“Kevin Costner just gave the best description of a director’s work that I have ever heard. You have no idea how hard this job is. Can we talk about the hours? Or the food?” actress Bette Midler wrote last night.

“Kevin Costner’s speech tonight was so beautiful. It was so eloquent about the power of film to change a person’s life and to influence their mind. It was so quiet while he spoke, it was powerful,” Maria Shriver said.

Twitter user Azaliya Allen said, “I think Kevin Costner’s speech about filmmaking and directing was one of the most beautiful moments of the evening and exactly what the Oscars should be about.”

Another fan named Kathleen Hughes said, “Thank you Kevin Costner for the best speech of the #Oscars2022 night. I brought my 16-year-old daughter into the room and made her listen to your talk. I said maybe you want to direct rather than act – you can change young lives. Your speech felt like old Hollywood – thank you.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Angry About Jane Campion’s Comment Towards Kevin Costner After Oscars Speech

After delivering his Oscars speech, Kevin Costner awarded the Best Director award to Jane Campion. “The Power of the Dog” director accepted the award but also took a huge dig at Costner at the beginning of her speech.

“Thank you, Kevin, that was very dramatic,” Campion said. Some of the audience laughed, but you can see Costner looking slightly embarrassed behind her.

Many fans on Twitter were not happy with her comment. “Kevin Costner’s speech wasn’t ‘dramatic’ — it was a reminder of what the Oscars once were, and should be again: an earnest and unapologetic celebration of film,” Jarrod Garcia wrote.

“From recently disrespecting the Williams sisters to oddly disrespecting Kevin Costner, I was quick to turn off the TV as Jane Campion was winding up for her speech. I never enjoy seeing boorish people celebrated,” a Twitter user named Joseph said.

Marissa Bailey wrote, “Someone tell Jane Campion that just because she has a thought cross her mind, it doesn’t mean she has to say it. Especially considering these last couple weeks and that rude comment to Kevin Costner.”

See Costner’s heartfelt speech for yourself below.