‘Yellowstone’ Fans Praise One Character as ‘Silent Workhorse’ of the Series

by Thad Mitchell

Another season of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” has come to pass but fans will continue to buzz about season four.

The fourth season of “Yellowstone” was a high-octane thrill ride from the very beginning. As many fans correctly speculated, this season was full of twists and turns. Season four also introduced us to a number of new characters that will no doubt have an impact on the “Yellowstone” future. Newcomers like the orphan Carter, Market Equities head honcho Caroline Warner and activist Summer Higgins fall into this category. But while there are a number of new faces on the show, many of our favorite characters returned for this season as well. In a recent Reddit discussion, “Yellowstone” fans speak on their favorite character and what the show’s future could have in store for them.

Unsurprisingly, one character, and the actor portraying him, has risen to the top of the popularity chart. Fans single out Mo Brings Plenty and portrayal of “Mo” as an underrated “Yellowstone” treasure. Yes, Brings Plenty flies under the radar somewhat, but his work on the show does not go unnoticed by the fan base.

“Mo appreciation post, because this man is the silent workhorse of the series,” a Redditor proclaims.

“Yellowstone” fans heap a ton of praise upon Mo Brings Plenty in the Reddit thread. Some even call the Native American actor their favorite character on the show.

“Mo is hands down my favorite character of the show,” another Redditor proclaims. “H exudes class, purity, genuineness and silent wisdom but it actually goes a little beyond an actor playing a character. I get the impression the guy he’s playing is actually him and he doesn’t have to be sleazy or brash to be a good character.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Praise Mo Brings Plenty’s Acting Skills

Mo has gotten more and more screen time with each passing “Yellowstone” season and has a sizable role in this season. We even get to meet his family, played by his actual family, in an earlier episode,

Mo is the driver, advisor and enforcer for Broken Rock Tribe leader Thomas Rainwater. He kind of serves the same role for Rainwater that Rip Wheeler serves for John Dutton. Like Rip, Mo is not someone you want to mess with as we saw early in the season. In one of season four’s best moments, Mo captures and tortures “Checkers,” the planner behind the Dutton family attack in season three. Also much like Rip, “Yellowstone” fans love seeing Mo bust heads.

Mo took on a new role this season, serving as something like a spiritual guide to Kayce Dutton. He assists Kayce in searching for a vision to explain the odd presence of a wolf. We hope to learn about this storyline when “Yellowstone” returns for a fifth season.

We also hope we get even more of Mo Brings Plenty in future seasons.