‘Yellowstone’ Fans Predict Whether Beth’s Haunting Promise to Jamie Will Come True Next Season

by Thad Mitchell

With its glorious return just over a month away, the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” has its enormous fan base talking.

Discussing “Yellowstone” has become the favorite pastime of fans as they try to pass the time until the fourth season arrives. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are loaded with modern western fans who want to talk shop. Internet forum sites like Reddit are also very welcoming of new posters to their “Yellowstone” themed pages. It seems everywhere you look these days, someone is talking about the uber-popular show. That is because “Yellowstone” gives its fans more than enough to take about.

“Yellowstone” continuously throws twists, subplots and mysteries at its fan base. It saved the best for last as the ending of season three was the ultimate game-changer. As many as four primary characters on the show could be dead or alive after the events of the third season finale. While that particular storyline has reached speculation overdrive, a recent Reddit thread brings about a prophecy from an earlier season. The thread recalls a promise made by Beth Dutton to Jamie Dutton.

“Are we all forgetting Beth’s promise to Jamie to ‘kill whatever he loves?'” the thread starter writes. “With her bare hands if necessary. She’s not done yet.”

‘Yellowstone’ Siblings Hold Grudge From Past Incident

The grudge between Jamie and Beth Dutton is one of the most interesting subplots the show has presented to this point. Beth’s hatred of her older brother stems back to when they were both just kids. After becoming pregnant at a very young age, Beth asks Jamie to help her terminate the pregnancy. Jamie takes her to a clinic to get an abortion, but Beth does not know that the operation will leave her sterile. Jamie urges the medical professionals to continue despite knowing what will happen to his little sister. Now, unable to bear children, Beth resents Jamie with a great passion. She often demeans and belittles Jamie, going a far as to say that she will make him suffer the way that she has.

“Yellowstone” fans are split on if Beth will actually follow through on the threat, but you can’t put anything past her. We also know Jamie has a child on the way via Christina.

“I take it literally,” a “Yellowstone” fan says in the thread. “Watch for his baby mama and child to come back into the picture.”

There have been rumors that Christina will be returning in season four.

Who knows what Beth really means in the comment to her adopted brother. Does she really intend on finding what Jamie loves most and destroying it? What even does Jamie love most?

“Yellowstone” fans are very eager to find out. The fourth season of “Yellowstone” will arrive on November 7.