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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Predict Who Is Responsible for the Dutton Attacks

by Joe Rutland
(Paramount Media Center)

It’s quite OK for “Yellowstone” fans to get hyped up ahead of the season opener. Heck, they want to know who attacked the Duttons.

Last season, the Taylor Sheridan-created drama ended with John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, bleeding on the side of a road. There were other attacks on family members, too.

Fans have been biding their time ahead of Season 4’s premiere episode on Nov. 7.

A Reddit thread titled “Who’s behind the Dutton attacks?” is up right now. Redditor quinnmode63 writes, “With season 4 only 2 weeks away, I wanna know what everyone’s final predictions/thoughts on who was behind the attacks of the season 3 finale are.” Four guesses are provided: 1, Jamie (and his biological father); 2, Market equities (Roarke and Willa); 3, Chief Thomas Rainwater (Angela Blue Thunder); 4, Some other person (or group).

More Than One Group or Individual Is Behind Attacks, ‘Yellowstone’ Fan Says

First, “Yellowstone” fan DaBetterILkmyDawg writes, “more than one group or individual. Maybe.”

Second, AnnaNonna writes, “I think it could be more than one group and might include the militia and/or the bikers.”

Third, Redditor iheartsev replies, “I wonder if Roarke could have hired the bikers or mercenaries. If Market Equities IS behind the attacks, they would need to hire murderous thugs from somewhere. For sure, the bikers and mercenaries fit that description and both surely feel they have personal grievances against the Duttons and would be delighted for the chance for payback.”

Fourth, Packerdog43 writes, “I think it’s Mo, after the talk with Blue Thunder about how a warrior needs to step up and defend the land. I believe Rainwater doesn’t know.”

Finally, AmericanWanderlust writes, “A little bird told me. And I was genuinely surprised. Will be interesting to see how it was plotted.”

Outsiders, then, we agree that we all want to see how everything was plotted. Answers will come when “Yellowstone” returns to the Paramount Network.

Teeter Actress Jennifer Landon Says Payback Duttons Will Get Is ‘Incomparable’

Teeter actress Jennifer Landon had a taste of how the Dutton Ranch gets revenge in Season 3.

Well, Teeter and Colby, played by Denim Richards, were under attacks in a river. They got together and tortured Wade Morrow, played by Boots Southerland.

Is there a price for the solidarity? You bet. Teeter and other ranch hands receive brands.

Well, in a Season 4 teaser, the “Yellowstone” gleefully talks about what is in store for the violent offenders.

“The retaliation that those who wronged the Duttons are facing is one of incomparable scale,” Landon said.

Get ready to rock and roll on Nov. 7, fans. It presents itself as a whale of a season opener for fans and actors alike.