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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Question if Rip’s Loyalties Lie with Beth or the Ranch

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

Now that Yellowstone fans have had a little time to digest Season 4, they are wondering about Rip and his loyalties. Beth or the Ranch?

After all, Rip Wheeler, played by Cole Hauser, is now a married man. Beth made sure that happened in the season finale as she captured a Catholic priest and drug him up to the Yellowstone Ranch. Yes, she kidnapped the priest and made him perform the wedding ceremony.

Fans are flooding a thread on Reddit about their opinions. Isn’t Reddit the home for opinions, outside of other social media platforms? OK, so this tread is titled “Would Rip hurt Beth if she was a threat to the ranch?” And for the thoughts of the first writer, well, away we go.

“The Rip/Lloyd thread made me think – is there anyone Rip puts over John?” this Redditor writes. “He’s madly in love with Beth (played by Kelly Reilly), but would never ask John for her hand because he didn’t want to put him in an uncomfortable position.

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Believes That Rip Is ‘Not A Coward’ When It Comes To Current Situation

“He’s not a coward – he’s just putting John and his relationship with him/to the ranch first,” the Yellowstone fan states. “Above Beth. Would he hurt her if it came down to it? Does Rip have any moral center? Is anything too much? And I’m not bagging on Rip here – I realize he is a deeply f–ked up man who barely survived the worst of all childhood trauma to fall under the cold, manipulative hand of John Dutton. But I’m curious”.

Well, let’s take a look and see how Yellowstone fans are reacting to this thread starter.

One writes, “I believe if it came down to it Rip would side with Beth over John and the ranch.” Then this reply follows, saying, “I will say, this sounds like a very interesting turn for the show I hope is implemented and well executed next season.”

Another Fan Believes That Beth Is ‘Single Thing More Important’ To Rip Than Ranch

This Yellowstone fan writes, “Nope he wouldn’t. She’s the single thing more important to him than the ranch. But it would f–k him up to deny John anything.”

And this reply says, “I think this is a really good question. I don’t think he would hurt her but he doesn’t put up with her being crazy.”

“I don’t think he would hurt her,” this Yellowstone fan writes. “I think he would be torn up and ultimately just walk away from both for making him try to choose between the two. It’s a lose-lose for him; either way, he goes he would hate the side he chooses for the rest of his life.”