‘Yellowstone’ Fans Question Which House on the Dutton Ranch Rip Wheeler Moved in To

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” fans never miss a detail. And recently, they’ve been debating the details of the Dutton ranch’s layout. Specifically, which house on the ranch Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) moved into after he escaped from the bunkhouse at long last.

As fans of the show no doubt remember, Rip got kicked out of the foreman’s house. John Dutton (Kevin Costner) had decided he wanted his son Kayce (Luke Grimes) to take over as foreman. Rip lived uncomfortably in the bunkhouse for a while among the men he used to supervise. Finally, Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) helped convince John to give Rip a space of his own on the ranch. As Season 3 wound down, Rip and Beth had settled into a peaceful domicile in that new (old?) house.

On Reddit, “Yellowstone” fans kicked around various theories about whose house Rip moved into. Was it the late Lee Dutton’s (Dave Annable)? Grandpa Dutton’s (Dabney Coleman)? Or was it an early prototype of the main lodge?

 ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Discuss Rip’s House

One fan kicked off the thread by observing that Rip’s house appears to be one we’d never seen before up until that point. It couldn’t be the small cabin that Kayce and Monica (Kelsey Asbille) stayed in the night Monica saw Walker (Ryan Bingham) getting branded. That left several possibilities.

“Is Rip’s house the house that Lee used to live in?” the fan wondered. “The same one that John moved into when he turned over his rooms at the main loge to Kayce and Monica? Could be, I guess–that would make sense from the symbolic viewpoint that John is making Rip his ‘eldest son.’ But if so, that sits strangely with me.”

“I guess I think Rip’s house (photo below) is just some random house on the ranch that we haven’t seen before–that twig-post rail around the deck gives it a very distinct appearance and I just don’t think we’ve seen that house before,” the fan went on.

Others jumped in to suggest that multiple signs point to it being John’s father’s cabin. The primitive design of the house and the horse hitching post both point to it being of an older vintage than other buildings on the property, and the sheets over the furniture hint that it had been vacant for some time.

“I think the house he gave Rip may have been his dad’s at one time, or that of an ancestor,” one fan replied.

“I thought it might have been the house John’s dad was in before he died if he hadn’t been in the main house,” another fan chimed in. “The twig-post rail seems like it was built a long time ago since it seems primitive. Maybe it was the first house on the property.”

Season 4 Is Out Soon

As most “Yellowstone” fans are already aware, Season 4 premieres Sunday, Nov. 7. It’s been a long wait for fans, who were ready for Season 4 to drop in June, as the previous three seasons have. But “Yellowstone” also released the Season 4 trailer recently, which promises: “Revenge will be worth the wait.”

Will all your favorite “Yellowstone” characters make it through Season 4? In a little more than two short months, it will be time to find out.