‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Question the Realness of Season 2 Storyline Involving John Dutton’s Emergency Surgery

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of the Paramount Network series Yellowstone are counting down the days until their favorite show returns for season four.

The premiere of the fourth season is coming this summer, likely at some point during the month of June. After an explosive ending to the previous season, fans have taken to internet forums to discuss what they believe lies ahead. Online message board communities, like Reddit, are full of watchers who discuss and debate happenings on the Yellowstone Ranch.

Loyal Yellowstone viewers also love collecting the thoughts and opinions of fellow fans. Often a question about the show will pop and have double-digit answers within minutes. New fans of the show seek out veteran watchers with questions regarding the storylines. It’s rare, but some forum posters even cast complaints about the show’s plot holes and the “unrealistic” moments on Yellowstone. One such instance recently popped on the Reddit forum with a fan asking about John Dutton’s emergency surgery in Season Two.

“Something that’s annoying… is the portrayal of rural veterinary medicine,” the poster says. “Because since when do Veterinarians treat humans? Because as a former vet assistant I’ve never ever once seen them do that ever!”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Respond to ‘Criticism’ of Scene

In the Season Two premiere episode, John falls to the ground and is rushed to a medical vehicle that’s typically used for treating cattle. John tells the others that he has colon cancer after he spits up blood. The vet medic reveals that he has a perforated ulcer and emergency surgery is needed to save his life. With no pain killers or anesthesia, the ranch workers hold him down and he prepares for the intense pain. The medical professional works to cauterize the wound as John passes out from the pain. The make-shift surgery is a success and John is taken to a hospital.

While it isn’t a scene you’re likely to see in real life, it does make for some good and intense television. Other Reddit users remind the poster that every show, including Yellowstone, requires a little bit of buy-in to make it believable.

“You do know you’re not watching a documentary, right,” a poster says jokingly. “Vets as doctors is a super common tv trope.”

Reddit User Says Surgery Scene isn’t Totally Unrealistic

Another Reddit user points out that vets are highly skilled and the scene may not be as far fetched as it seems.

“My Wife is a vet,” the poster says. “She once did 4 different surgeries on 4 different SPECIES in one day. Think about that. Most vets are smarter than people doctors. It’s harder to get into most vet schools than it is medical schools.”

While we highly recommend you contact a medical doctor instead of a veterinarian for an injury, it isn’t unrealistic to think a vet could help in a pinch.

Television shows, like Yellowstone, are full of the unimaginable and that’s a big reason why we love them.

There is a lot of mystery surrounding the upcoming new season of the hit modern western drama. The fates of four major characters on the show are very much up in the air. John Dutton, Kayce Dutton, Beth Dutton and ranch hand Jimmy all could be dead or alive. There is a slew of suspects that could be behind the attack on the family. We will be getting answers soon enough with the premiere date growing closer by the day.

We suggest you sit back and enjoy the ride.