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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Quick to Come to the Show’s Defense

by Jennifer Shea
Paramount Network

Villains on “Yellowstone” have learned one indelible lesson through the seasons: Don’t mess with the Dutton clan. And now one “Yellowstone” viewer is learning a similar lesson: Don’t mess with the show’s fans.

Cut to Reddit, where a contrarian recently wandered onto the “Yellowstone” message board to start a new thread about how awful the show is.

“Don’t even know why im watching,” the viewer posted. “I don’t understand tho. The Duttons – are they supposed to be actual cowboys? Or are they just LARPing? They’re like broke rancher cowboys but also billionaires. Cmon pick one already.”

Boy, did he choose the wrong venue. The commenter was instantly hammered from all sides by “Yellowstone” defenders.  

“Excuse me sir, I think you may be lost,” one “Yellowstone” fan quipped.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Step Up to Defend the Show

“Yellowstone” fans leapt to the show’s defense with pissed-off retorts and clever “Yellowstone” references. One fan suggested the commenter was a troll while another sarcastically wondered what other “sh-tty opinions” he’d like to express.

“Then stop watching,” one fan snapped.

“Someone might need to be taken to the train station,” another fan marveled, a reference to Rip Wheeler’s (Cole Hauser) preferred method of dispatching problems. “Saying this show is awful.”

“Time to watch some cartoons then,” yet another fan replied with disdain. “This show is awesome.”

Meanwhile, another fan chimed in to compliment the “excellent” writing and acting on the show. Pointing out that “Yellowstone” grapples with real issues confronting the modern West, the fan suggested the commenter watch again and try to pick up on the nuances this time.

Season 4 Is Right Around the Corner

After a long wait – fans originally expected it in June – the Season 4 premiere is almost here. On Sunday, Nov. 7, the Paramount Network will air a two-hour season opener that will resolve the Season 3 cliffhanger and introduce some new characters along the way.

When we last left off, multiple fan-favorite characters were hanging by a thread. John Dutton (Kevin Costner) was bloodied and unconscious by the roadside after a drive-by shooting. Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) had disappeared into the explosion that rocked her office after her assistant opened a suspicious package. Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) was fending off a pack of armed intruders at his office. And Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) got tossed from a horse and knocked out while trying to prep for a return to rodeo.

“Revenge will be worth the wait,” “Yellowstone” has teased. But who’s responsible for the attacks? And are any characters leaving the show to make room for the new players?

The suspense is building as the Season 4 premiere approaches. And now the show’s devoted fans don’t have long to wait to find out.