‘Yellowstone’ Fans Rave About Kevin Costner’s Performance in Intense Scene

by Jon D. B.

The internet is ablaze with praise for “Hollywood legend” Kevin Costner after his phenomenal performance as John Dutton in Yellowstone Season 4.

Specifically, Costner’s work in the latter half of Season 4 has Yellowstone fans praising the actor’s gravitas. The gruff, sheer power he embodies his patriarch with anchors the show, and audiences can’t get enough.

“Am I the one who was reminded in this last episode of why Kevin Costner is the legend he is?” fan Alpha627 asks to this point over on Reddit’s Yellowstone board. “When he is lecturing Beth and mentions putting the table through the wall even sitting at home I felt like ‘Yes sir I will sit down and listen.'”

We all know where Beth gets her “take no prisoners” attitude from, indeed. But boy, when Costner stands firm and reminds his daughter who the father in the equation is – it sent waves through households across America.

“Then his conversation in the diner,” the Redditor continues of Season 4, Episode 8’s shock death of Sheriff Haskell (Hugh Dillon). “Both actors are obviously extremely decorated and it shows with how much power was in that scene with really not that much dialogue. Very impressive.”

Agreed. The scene plays out brilliantly, setting the stage for a far different future for John Dutton. And you can see this play out in every nuance of Costner’s face throughout.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Reminds Viewers Why We Watch: Kevin Costner

Or, as fellow Redditor Myhouseburnsatm puts it: “He is the best part of the show and the reason I checked it out in the first place. He and his cowboy hat come so natural its amazing. Hes just a pleasure to behold on screen,” they add of Kevin Costner.

For this Outsider and Yellowstone fan, this is personified in Season 4’s pitch-perfect cowboy moment for John Dutton. After a brief conversation with Carter, John mounts his horse and rides off – literally – into the sunset. He tells the orphan that any search party will have to live up to their name if they’re going to come find him. And with these few words, a smile and tip of his hat, he’s off.

But Yellowstone has become far more than Kevin Costner, too. The show has made household names out of two fellow leads, most notably those Myhouseburnsatm goes on to cite:

“I do have to admit though that Cole Hauser and Kelly Reilly also enchanted the experience for me greatly. The show (at least for me) is carried by these three actors and their performances. That said, Beth’s character deserves better writing. Her character starts to become a parody of herself if this drags on,” they continue.

The Reckoning of Beth Dutton

All valid points. To that last point, however, Yellowstone mastermind Taylor Sheridan went a long way in putting Beth’s outlandish behavior in its place in Season 4, Episode 9 by having Kevin Costner deliver the powerful scene above as John Dutton. And if that’s not her unreasonable behavior coming to a reckoning, we don’t know what is.

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