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‘Yellowstone’ Fans React to Season 4’s Shocking Finale

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Yellowstone knows how to deliver a season finale, and Season 4’s rip-roaring sendoff has fans clawing at every corner of the internet Sunday night.

In the words of fan Kristina: “SEASON 4 WAS AWESOME!!!!!! @Yellowstone this finale was the BEST ONE YET!!! I CANNOT WAIT FOR SEASON 5!” We’re inclined to agree. What a show. What a finale. And wow, what a setup.

Indeed, this finale was every bit the sendoff we needed after the slow-burn twist & turns of Season 4. As fellow Yellowstone fan Dave points out: “I think this season of #Yellowstone is the bridge between two massive seasons. You need a bridge season every once in a while to flesh out the story and explore some other characters. I think this will pay off in a big way next season.”

Every major storyline was given proper growth or closure Sunday night, too, something Cole Hauser himself promised before the episode aired.

“It all goes down tonight! Enjoy!” Hauser prefaced the finale on his official Instagram. “Yes it does,” replied Kelly Reilly. The fan favorite Rip Wheeler actor shared the excellent TV Guide cover he shares with Beth Dutton’s Reilly, and it set the stage for the insane reactions to Season 4’s finale below.

Even before the finale began fans were losing their minds. “I’m sweating,” replied Roger Shealy on Hauser’s Instagram post. Then Jan. 2’s episode hit, and, well, see for yourself below.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Ignite with Raucous Season 4 Finale Responses

“Beth is the most ruthless woman on tv,” another fan tweets with a perfect gif.

“Where has tonight’s episode of Yellowstone been all season?” another follower asks. “Way to redeem yourself Taylor Sheridan. Outstanding writing and acting by all. Still need to wrap it up next season. Can’t wait till Season 5.” Agreed, sir. Agreed.

As for fellow fan and self-professed city girl Shelly, “When Lloyd started tearing up, telling Jimmy he was already a cowboy, this city girl’s heart grew 3 sizes.”

Let the Countdown to Season 5 Begin

And if you’re first thought after Season 4’s end was to fret over Yellowstone‘s return – you’re not alone. But there’s no need, as the show will be returning for a Season 5. The runaway success of Season 4 and that raucous finale guarantee it.

Not only that, but Taylor Sheridan has an extensive, wildly lucrative deal in place with ViacomCBS. His prequel series 1883 is proving a smash hit on Paramount+, too, and Sheridan’s other Yellowstone spinoff, 6666, was also directly anchored into Season 4. The table is set for a true franchise with all three shows continuing to intersect, and Paramount isn’t about to pull the plug on the #1 most-watched show on cable television.

We are, however, still waiting for an official confirmation for Yellowstone Season 5 from Paramount Network. But Rip Wheeler actor Cole Hauser did confirm that Taylor Sheridan is already hard at work on Season 5.

For more on this and all things Yellowstone leading up to Season 5, head on over to our ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: Here’s Everything We Know So Far next.