‘Yellowstone’ Fans React To Show’s First Season 5 Trailer

by Lauren Boisvert

“Yellowstone” just revealed the first look at season 5 during the MTV VMAs, and fan reactions are pouring in. The video itself features an ominous warning that “All Will Be Revealed.” Additionally, John Dutton is planning to “show them who we are, and what we do.”

Season 5 premieres on November 13 on Paramount. The network is giving fans a chance to watch it all from the very beginning with a Labor Day Marathon. This will feature another look at tonight’s teaser trailer, on September 2. Right now, we’re watching fellow fans react to the official first look at season 5, and are getting pumped for the new season right along with them.

Fans are reacting on the official “Yellowstone” Twitter page, which posted the trailer. They’re posting gifs of Beth and Rip, sharing their excitement in the comments, and tagging their friends to come see what’s going on. So far, the post has been retweeted and quote-tweeted over 200 times combined.

There’s a lot of “Let’s go!” and “So ready for season 5!” among the replies. One fan commented, “We are as dedicated as fans can get! Not seen this kind of world following since DALLAS!” Truly, “Yellowstone” fans are some of the most dedicated we’ve ever seen. We’re right along with them. We’ve been following along with all the fan speculations, all the official news, and we’re so ready for season 5. November 13 can’t come soon enough.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 5: What the New Teaser Promises, and What We Know So Far

This new teaser trailer promises that things are about to hit the fan. John Dutton’s ominous message and the “All Will Be Revealed” tagline make us think that “Yellowstone” may be nearing its end. As much as we truly hate to say it. Overall, we hope not, but we also trust Taylor Sheridan to take “Yellowstone” as far as it’s meant to go.

Piggybacking off of that, it also seems like things are going to get intense, explosive, and even more violent before they get better for the Duttons. Judging by the expressions and body language of the characters in the teaser, Beth looks caught off guard. Jamie seems scared of something, and Kayce looks exhausted and stressed. Additionally, Rip is gearing up for war. At the end of the teaser, John, flanked by Beth and former Governor Perry, seems like he’s walking into the lion’s den. But, maybe, he’s the lion.

Currently, as far as news of season 5 goes, we know that Monica is pregnant with her and Kayce’s second child, Beth has Jamie in her pocket after she photographed him disposing of his biological father’s body, and Kayce saw something that is potentially world-ending for the Duttons. Additionally, there are going to be some flashbacks in this season. Josh Lucas, Kyle Red Silverstein, and Kylie Rogers are back as young John Dutton, Rip Wheeler, and Beth Dutton respectively.

“Yellowstone” season is officially kicking off with this new look at season 5, and we couldn’t be happier. Be sure to catch up on seasons 1 through 4 during the Labor Day Marathon, and keep us in your sights for all your “Yellowstone” news.