‘Yellowstone’ Fans React To Spotting Forrie J. Smith’s Son in Season 5 Premiere

by Shelby Scott
Photo Courtesy Paramount Network

Yellowstone‘s season five premiere was jam-packed with important character developments and new storylines, however, one detail that has fans buzzing is the actor that played young Lloyd Pierce during the first part of the non-stop two-part premiere. How in the world did Yellowstone‘s casting crew find someone that resembles Lloyd actor Forrie J. Smith so closely? Well, there’s a pretty simple solution: they hired his son, Forrest. Fans, surprised to see how closely the two men resemble each other—and thrilled to learn it wasn’t CGI—had diverse reactions which they shared online. See what they said following Smith’s post below.

Yellowstone‘s Forrie J. Smith shared Outsider‘s feature piece about the two TV stars on Instagram, where, if fans weren’t already aware, he spoke about his son Forrest playing him in the episode one flashback. Viewers flocked to the comments sharing their love for the Lloyd Pierce actor(s) and their excitement about his son’s feature during the premiere.

“I was SO IMPRESSED they found someone who resembles you so much!” one Yellowstone fan gushed. “Now I know why! we love you!”

A second user more humorously added, “I thought, ‘That was amazing casting – he looks just like him!'” They tacked a laughing emoji to the end of the comment.

One other fan commented, “I was starting to get really freaked out on Hollywood makeup and theatrics.” Fortunately, it’s just genetics that explains the spooky resemblance between the two Lloyd Pierce actors.

Lloyd’s Been Offering Rip Sage Advice for Decades

We’ve seen Forrie’s J. Smith’s son Forrest in Yellowstone flashbacks before. But it was the younger actor’s most recent appearance in the show that sent the internet into a tailspin. Still, if there’s anything that we’ve learned about Lloyd and Rip’s relationship across five seasons, it’s that the elder cowboy’s been guiding and offering advice to the foreman for decades. Much in the same way we see Lloyd guiding young Carter now.

Although the premiere flashback was centered around Rip and Beth’s relationship in their youth, Lloyd, again, played a prominent part in the long-ago night’s events. Before heading out on his first (disaster of a) date with Beth, we see Lloyd in the bunkhouse dealing out poker to his fellow ranch hands. Seeing Rip headed out to town, Lloyd offers his a sage warning: “Not one good thing happens in town, Rip. Not one good thing.”

Soon enough, we find Lloyd was right, and Rip, frustrated with Beth’s antics, heads back to the ranch.

‘Yellowstone’s Forrie J. Smith is a Real-Life Montana Cowboy

Much work goes into making Yellowstone as authentic as possible. Each year, our favorite actors, including Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser, and Wes Bentley, are required by series creator Taylor Sheridan to attend an annual Cowboy Camp to keep their skills sharp. However, for Forrie J. Smith, ranching, rodeoing, and wrangling comes naturally.

Long before he found fame in Yellowstone, Forrie J. Smith was born into a generational Montana ranching family. By the 1980s, the beloved actor found work as a master horseman, performing stunts for a number of Hollywood stars. Now, five seasons into the hit neo-Western drama, Smith remains as talented and dedicated a cowboy as ever.