‘Yellowstone’ Fans Rejoice After Major Character Seemingly Exits

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Paramount Network Press)

Fans are rejoicing after it seems like Caroline Warner has taken her leave from “Yellowstone.” The context: Beth made a deal to sell Schwartz & Meyer’s land and turn it into a conservation easement. This severely threw a wrench in Market Equities’ plans. Additionally, they were suing Beth, claiming she violated a non-disclosure agreement, among other things. Then Beth went and made this deal. Caroline was furious.

Essentially, she’s being asked to go back to New York, and fans are thrilled. Caroline Warner wasn’t exactly a popular character with fans. One tweeted, “Bye bye Caroline!!” While another wrote, “send her ass back to NY.”

Still, it seemed like a pretty abrupt exit for Caroline Warner. Or, at least, it was kind of odd. She’s just told about Beth’s deal, then she’s sent back to New York, never to be seen again? Something doesn’t seem right. It seems like she needs one last shot at Beth, one more way to get back at her before she really leaves. To just roll over like that without a fight doesn’t seem right for this character.

Maybe we’ll be seeing her again, maybe this was her official exit. What stands now is that fans are definitely happy to see her go. Caroline Warner was a generally disliked character on “Yellowstone,” so it makes sense that fans want her gone. We’ll have to pay close attention in the next episode to see if this was really the end of Caroline Warner.

Canadian ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Irate That Episode 3 Isn’t On Paramount+

“Yellowstone” fans in Canada have a bone to pick with Paramount. There seems to be some confusion regarding where fans can watch new episodes. One fan tweeted, “[Paramount+] want to explain how episode 3 isn’t uploaded into the app? Many of your Canadian viewers got the paramount plus app and subscription solely to watch the show and it’s not even on??”

It seems that most people think that because “Yellowstone” is a Paramount Network production, they can watch new episodes on Paramount+. That’s not exactly the case. “Yellowstone” season 5 is only available on the Paramount Network channel right now. When the season ends, it will most likely head to Peacock and Paramount+ for streaming.

Additionally, fans have been up in arms on Twitter about why they have to jump through so many hoops just to watch the show. Those who don’t have cable aren’t able to watch it, either. “Imagine how many viewers [‘Yellowstone’] would gain if you didn’t have to sign up for 3 different streaming services and jump through hoops to watch it,” commented one fan. True, it seems like there’s so much confusion surrounding where fans can watch the show, and not a lot of clear-cut answers.