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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Reveal Major Jamie Dutton Plot Hole

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Paramount Network)

Sharp fans of the hit Paramount show Yellowstone say this Jamie Dutton plot hole should’ve surfaced a lot sooner.

Fans of the neo-western drama are no stranger to shocking twists. In the latest season, fans witness Jamie discover a major revelation about himself – and his family history.

Jamie’s reality came crashing down in season three’s episode seven, The Beating. Within, Jamie discovers his birth certificate – revealing that he is not, in fact, a Dutton:

In shock, Jamie confronts everything from his family keeping such a secret from him – to the revelations of his biological family. Once his wheels begin turning again, he finds out his real father is a dangerous man with a dangerous past: Garrett Randall.  Jamie confronts his true father – and is hit with even an more difficult truth as Garret reveals he murdered Jamie’s real mother.

But shouldn’t Jamie have seen all this coming – and a long time ago? Despite his faults, Jamie is a highly intelligent person – and a student of Harvard Law. Wouldn’t the person who handled all the family ranch’s legalities & paperwork have come across such a fact beforehand? And if not then – wouldn’t it have come up during his time at Harvard?

Somehow, through all of this, Jamie never once needed his birth certificate? The show is leading fans to believe so – and requiring a harsh suspending of disbelief.

EXPRESS took to Reddit to quote several fans who aren’t buying it:

“Anyone else think that it’s weird that Jaime handled all the legal paperwork with the ranch, but never came across any documents about him being adopted?”

“Or during his Harvard Law school years he never looked up information about himself?”


 “I find it hard to believe that he never needed his birth certificate until then. And if John wanted to keep it a secret, he surely would have gotten ahold of the certificate.”


This particular Redditor, however, thinks it is completely understandable that Jamie would never know:

“Jamie never had a reason to suspect because he was raised as a Dutton and John & Evelyn never wanted him to feel like anything but their son. Second, from everything we’ve seen, it seems like Jamie’s never had to worry about handling any of those things.”


Others Jamie fans are claiming to have seen it coming since Season 1

Whether you saw it coming or not – a man with Jamie’s history should have years ago.