‘Yellowstone’ Fans Rush to Monica & Beth’s Defense in Heated Discussion

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” has its fair share of characters to love and hate, but not all fans agree on which characters fall into which categories.

One fan took to Reddit to start what became a heated conversation about Beth and Monica Dutton specifically. The sisters-in-law couldn’t be more different, which is why it was surprising to see this fan call both of them out.

They started the conversation by describing how they’re on Season 2, and how Monica, Beth, and Jamie are the worst characters on the show. The fan claims that “Jamie was good first season and then suddenly he’s a worry wart wimp” in Season 2.

They also called Beth “the mean b**** cause she has mommy issues and berates jamie only making it worse, while employing the same kind of person as her secretary.”

Finally, “Monica can’t make up her damn mind and is basically a kristen stewart of the show.” Ouch.

“Yellowstone” fans were not having this kind of talk, especially those who love Beth.

“Wait until season 3 – then you’ll find out why Beth is so angry at Jamie,” one fan commented, which is a fair point. We see her and Jamie trade insults and badger each other for two full seasons until we learn the truth about their relationship.

Spoilers Ahead If You Haven’t Seen Season 3

When she was a teenager, Beth got pregnant and asked Jamie to help her get an abortion. But he refused to take her to Planned Parenthood in Billings. He feared that it would reflect badly on the family name. So he took her to a clinic on the reservation instead. And there, women are forced to get sterilizations after the abortion. Jamie didn’t tell Beth that, and now she can never have kids with Rip.

Other fans also cautioned the writer of the post to wait until Season 3, and for good reason.

Here’s What ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Said in Defense of Beth and Monica

Sometimes character development takes more than a few episodes or even a few seasons. One person commented on the “Yellowstone” Reddit thread that the author of the post has “issues with characters that are continuing to be developed.”

That’s a fair point, considering several “Yellowstone” characters are finally coming into themselves in Season 3. Like Kayce, who feels good about being the Livestock Commiosioner. Or Tate, who’s realizing he wants to be a bigger part of the ranch.

This one person summed up Beth’s character pretty well over the course of the show. “Beth is actually a kind and caring person! She’s just an intolerant person who despises weakness! She’s never gone off on anyone who didn’t need it or deserved it! Beth’s a No Bull**** sorta girl.”

Another person stood up for Monica, who “has an identity crisis from being pulled between two worlds.”

Other fans agreed with the writer of the post about their dislike for Monica or Beth. What do you think, Outsiders?