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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Share Insane Video of Real-Life Cowboy Poker Game They Would Have Preferred in the Show

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Newsmakers)

Wait until you see this. Familiar with Cowboy Poker? If you watch “Yellowstone” like the rest of us Outsiders, then you’ve at least seen it featured. The real game, however, can get quite a bit more… nasty.

And by nasty we mean “Holy s***! Is that guy still alive? What about that guy?”

“Yellowstone” fans have taken to Reddit to share a truly remarkable round of Cowboy Poker. While the scenes involving it in our favorite modern Western were pretty priceless, you ain’t seen nothin‘ net.

“I’d have preferred this scene over the one in the episode” member instant_regret posts to the ever-active “Yellowstone” Reddit board. Something tells us these gents felt a tinge of “instant_regret” themselves after watching this massive bull leave the gate.

If you’re not fully familiar with Cowboy Poker, allow us to divulge. A wildly popular rodeo event, Cowboy Poker involves 4 cowboys – sometimes less, rarely more – playing a game of poker at a table in the middle of the rodeo. To make matters more interesting, said cowboys will sometimes wear red. The tables and chairs can also be red (as seen in the photo above).

Why red, you ask? Oh, that’s for the bull. Yes, yes, we know bulls are partially colorblind and the color red doesn’t actually agitate them. But watch this video and tell us it doesn’t work. Which brings us to the most important part of Cowboy Poker: releasing the bull.

Not just any bull, either. Cowboy Poker requires a rip-roaring, massive, angry brute. One willing to plow directly through said cowboys and said poker. And really, what rodeo bull isn’t game for this?

The Main Event: Real Rodeo Cowboy Poker Puts ‘Yellowstone’s to Shame

And now: the main event. Redditor instant_regret shares this absolutely brutal round of Cowboy Poker below. With a bit of digging, Outsider has located the rodeo as Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo. Worth crediting, as these cowboys literally put their lives on the line for this one. It’s almost unreal how any of them survive this.

“Cowboy poker got a little western last night! We can’t wait to see what the second night of Bulls’ Night Out will bring,” Forth Worth calmly captions this raucous rodeo massacre on January 23, 2019.

View the event for yourself, and as the “Yellowstone” fans said… We’ve got to see this in the actual show.

“Shouldn’t of made eye contact,” another Redditor responds. Ain’t that the damn truth! If anyone knows any of the Forth Worth cowboys, please let us know if they’re still alive.