‘Yellowstone’ Fans Sound Off on Jefferson White Joining ‘Chicago PD’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Amy Sussman/WireImage)

Days after it was announced that Yellowstone star Jefferson White has joined Chicago P.D., fans of the western series are sounding off about White’s new role.

Following the news, fans rallied on Twitter to support White’s new role. One fan wrote, “Jefferson!! Taking a run at big second city Chi-town before Yellowstone!! Good luck!! Have fun!! I still like NYC pizza better! But do fine Sofi restaurant downtown!! Food is amazing!!”

Other Yellowstone fans are excited to see White on the hit NBC series. “I’m just not getting to seeing Jefferson White on Chicago P.D. since I missed it last night. Bout tripped over my two left feet when I heard his voice. He [did] wonderful.” 

A Yellowstone fan then shared a snapshot of meeting White earlier in the year in celebration of his Chicago P.D. role. “So cool seeing Jefferson White on Chicago P.D. after meeting [him] in Nashville this summer!!” 

‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White States His ‘Chicago P.D.’ Character is a ‘Kindred Spirit’ With Upton 

While speaking to TV Line, Yellowstone star Jefferson White opened up about his character on Chicago P.D. The actor plays Police Chief Patrick O’Neal’s son, Sean.

According to the Yellowstone castmate, Sean is helping intelligence in finding a missing girl. The situation leads to the team discovering a human trafficking ring. “He’s got access to communities that don’t necessarily trust the CPD,” White explained. “Because of the history and tension. Sean himself has a complicated relationship with the police and that also means he has a completely different perspective on [the case].” 

The Yellowstone star further explained that his Chicago P.D. carjacker has lived a “very difficult life” as he has struggled with addiction. He then has a “contentious” relationship with his father, which has since improved since Sean turned his life around. He has been dedicating his life to helping youth who are going through similar issues. 

White then pointed out that his Chicago P.D. character is a “kindred spirit” with Detective Hailey Upton. He offers her a shoulder to cry on while she struggles with her husband Halstead taking another job outside the country. “What she’s going through – the difficult of that – he offers to be an outlet and a resource as he navigates [it].” 

Jesse Lee Soffer’s Halstead exited Chicago P.D. earlier this month. The situation causes Upton to struggle. ““It really puts [Upton] in some very emotional and interesting scenarios as the season continues on,” Showrunner Gwen Sigan told TV Insider about Lee Soffer’s character departure.

“She’s left in this, I would say, almost a vacuum,” Sigan further explained. “This emptiness of how do you move on? What the hell does that look like? In so many ways, he’s the love of her life…And so to suddenly have that be gone and for Upton who perhaps is not very well-versed in how to deal with her emotions in always a healthy way.”