‘Yellowstone’ Fans Speculate What’s Next for Jamie Dutton in Season 5

by Jonathan Howard

As Season 5 of Yellowstone is put together and fans await for the November release, there are a lot of questions that remain. One of the most interesting storylines has to be that of Jamie Dutton. No one really knows what awaits the adopted son of John. However, with more of a political focus as of late, things could get messy between the two.

On the Yellowstone subreddit, fans were discussing Jamie and his potential future in Season 5. It’s hard not to wonder what could happen. The user, u/TrixTheKid20, is an admitted, “Jamie sympathizer.” There’s a lot that Jamie does for the family and he seems to do it all in good faith. Still, it feels like it will just never be enough.

“I have a few theories on Season 5,” their post reads, “and I hope one of them happens and [that] being Beth and Jamie finally bury the hatchet or Jamie is killed by the Duttons.” Then they offered up their last theory, “Jamie kills Beth.”

Now that would be a curveball, wouldn’t it? This got other fans all worked up as they started to reveal their thoughts on Season 5 and the ill-fated son of John Dutton. Yellowstone has never been afraid to kill a character or take other drastic steps. So, it’s hard to say what might happen. These fans think they know, though.

“I think Beth is going to end up needing [Jamie’s] legal help, either to keep Carter or legal issues from her former employer,” u/Type-Economy wrote. “I think the role of [psuedo] Duttons, Rip, Jamie and Carter will be key to the ranch’s future.”

Speaking of the ranch’s future… There are some Yellowstone fan theories around that as well.

What Will Become of the Dutton ranch on ‘Yellowstone’

So, if you are a true Yellowstone fan you might recall a little moment from 1883. With the reservation and leaders Mo and Chief Rainwater, there has always been a conflict underlying every storyline of the series. With the increasingly expanding history between the two factions in the prequel series and the upcoming 1923 series, it’s good to remember that conlifct even when it isn’t at the forefront.

In 1883, a Native tells James Dutton that his people will take the land back in seven generations. Guess who is that seventh generation?

“I think that Tate is the seventh generation Dutton and he’s half-native so the writers will probably do something with that,” u/No_Home1070 said in another thread the other day. Tate is going to play a major role as the story moves forward. Perhaps in Season 5, or maybe even later.

Yellowstone fans will keep on guessing until they see it all come together. You can bet on that.