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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Still Baffled by New Episodes Not Airing on Paramount+

by Megan Molseed
(Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

The long-awaited fifth season of the hit neo-western drama series Yellowstone finally dropped a couple of weeks ago. However, many fans of the wildly popular series were shocked to learn that new episodes are not airing on Paramount +. The series is airing on the Paramount cable channel via cable services or other streaming services that offer live-TV options.

And now, even as we prepare for the fourth installment of this latest season, fans aren’t taking the move to no longer air Yellowstone on Paramount+ very well. One Twitter user notes in a Sunday, November 27 post that they refuse to pay for cable just to watch the series.

“I refuse to pay for cable when I don’t use it enough,” the tweet reads. “I can’t watch season 5 because Paramount doesn’t have [a] subscription like Paramount Plus.”

“[How] is Yellowstone on the paramount channel but not the app???” another Twitter user inquires in a recent post. It’s a valid question, especially since this is how many viewers would catch the popular series during past seasons.

Fans Are Frustrated By Lack Of Consistency

Another Twitter user points out that it is an inconsistent move for the Paramount network to air the popular series on the channel while not bringing it to Paramount+. Even the earlier seasons aren’t available through Paramount+. Instead, they are available on the Peacock streaming service.

It’s a frustrating wait for fans. One watcher shares this frustration in a post noting “Why can I not watch Yellowstone here? I have to wait till tomorrow to view on Paramount Plus.”

Yellowstone’s Episode Four Promises To Be One Fans Won’t Want To Miss

The fourth episode of Yellowstone’s Season 5 is set to air tonight, (Sunday, November, 27). The episode titled Horses in Heaven promises to be one that fans won’t want to miss. The episode will be available on Amazon Prime for fans to watch again after the live premiere. However, this option is only available via a for-purchase option.