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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Still Choked Up About This ‘Heartbreaking’ Monica Scene

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

The fourth and latest season of “Yellowstone” made a huge impact on the show’s enormous fan base that will last all offseason.

In the very first episode of season four, we learn that the attack on the Dutton family was larger than we thought. Attackers also visited “Yellowstone” Ranch in an effort to destroy all that was left the cattle ranch. When attackers broke into the ranch’s main lodge, they found Monica and Tate Dutton. As Monica struggles with an assassin in the kitchen, Tate is forced to shoot and kill the man. The incident has a major effect on both Monica and Tate sending them into a depressed state. In an attempt to save his young family, Kayce Dutton tries reasoning with Monica. It is a heartbreaking scene as the fear in Monica’s eyes is strong and Tate remains under the bed, afraid to come out. Monica tells Kayce that she believes “Yellowstone” Ranch to be evil and chides her husband for bringing their son to live on the ranch.

The Monica and Kayce drama is the topic of discussion in a recent Reddit thread.

“I am a Kayce and Monica lover,” the thread starter says. “Monica has been put into a pretty difficult situation with Kayce and she’s not the villain people are trying to make her out to be. You can’t help who you fall in love with or what their family is like. As entertaining as the Duttons are, for the most part, they are not good people. She’s just trying to hang in there for the sake of her son and love for her husband. She’s not perfect, she’s not a ball of fun, but she has the best moral compass of any character on this show.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Discuss Kayce and Monica Dutton Dynamic

Kayce makes the wise decision to move his family away from the ranch in an effort to settle the family down. They relocate to the nearby Native American reservation, where Monica’s friend and family reside.

“Yellowstone” fans say getting away from the ranch was the best thing for the family and Kayce has Monica to thank.

“I agree and I have always felt this way about her,” another Redditor says. “Monica is the rock that helps keep Kayce grounded in the here and now. Monica is one of the only sane characters on this show. She’s been through so much trauma at the hands of her oppressors, and Kayce is one of them.”

Moving to the reservation has also had a major impact on Kayce. He begins to notice a wolf’s frequent presence and asks Thoma Rainwater and Mo for guidance. He goes on a vision quest and later tells his wife that he saw the Universe.

We hope to find out what exactly that means in the fifth “Yellowstone” season.