‘Yellowstone’ Fans Still Furious Episodes Aren’t Airing on Paramount Plus

by Taylor Cunningham
Courtesy of Paramount

Yellowstone fans are furious over the fact that the Paramount series is in fact not airing on Paramount +.

The Kevin Costner-led hit is currently running its fifth season every Sunday at 7 pm. So millions of people tuned into Paramount+ tonight after waiting a week to watch the continuation of the heartbreaking two-hour premiere. But they quickly faced the disappointing realization that it wasn’t there.

Last week, the season debuted on multiple platforms, inclduing the CBS streamer. So many fans purchased a Paramount + subscription just to keep up with the series. Now that they’re finding out they can’t, they’re taking their frustration to Twitter.

“@paramountplus @Yellowstone I am Out of here, everyone should! [You’re] screwing up an Awesome show. I am wanting to cancel! And I want a bloody refund, just BS”

“Hey! @[email protected] what’s happening with #Yellowstone episode 3 not showing up?” I just paid for your service a few days ago too! #Yellowstone#broken#amazon#Paramount,” @the_sickness wrote.

Here’s How to Watch ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5

Fans are rightfully confused about the situation because Yellowstone is one of the most popular titles associated with Paramount. But NBC’s streamer Peacock actually owns the streaming rights to the series. So sadly, there is no way for Paramount + to appease its customers.

“Why is the new season of Yellowstone not streaming on the Paramount Network app? Like how backward is that?” asked @_ComicConcierge. ” Imagine Game of Thrones not streaming on HBO Max.’

While it doesn’t make a lot of sense at first, there is actually a logical explanation behind the madness. Peacock bought the rights to the series in January 2020, and it first launched it in July of that year. As expected, Yellowstone instantly become one of its biggest draws.

At the time, Paramount+ didn’t exist. It actually got its start in March 2021. When it got off the ground, Peacock wasn’t just going to hand Yellowstone back.

So, unfortunately, fans can only watch the new season on the Paramount Network or through the Paramount Network app, which is different from Paramount +. And it doesn’t look like people are going to be taking that news lightly.

“Why is Yellowstone live only? Some executive at paramount must be older than dirt. Make it available to stream at 8pm when it releases. #YellowstoneTV,” added @ciawalsh29.

All previous seasons are only available through Peacock. People can also buy each season or installment ala cart through Amazon Prime, Apple iTunes, or on DVD/Blu-ray.