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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Still Have Some Seriously Hot Takes on This John Dutton-Summer Higgins Scene

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

The fourth season of “Yellowstone” may be over but you can bet fans of the show will be talking about it for a long time. “Yellowstone” season four featured plenty of new faces, including actress Piper Perabo taking on the role of Summer Higgins.

Perabo’s character is an environmental activist who initially butts heads with the Dutton family. She is in Montana to protest the state’s industrialized farming industry and law enforcement’s protection of it. After a protest, she is arrested only to be surprisingly bailed out by “Yellowstone” ranch owner John Dutton. John tells Summer that he would like to get to know her better by showing her the ranch. Initially resistant, Summer eventually accepts John’s offer to tour the ranch. The two begin a romantic fling, despite John being several decades older than Summer. John would later admonish his daughter, Beth Dutton for her treatment of Summer, including having her arrested again.

The scene between John and Summer is one of the most memorable moments from “Yellowstone” season four. It sets the tone for the relationship that the two unlikely friends will have for the remainder of the season. Fans of the show have plenty to say about it.

“This is an excellent scene with Piper and Kevin,” a social media user says. “I hope she hangs around.”

Not every fan feels that way. “I don’t like her character with John,” another says. “I hope she doesn’t come back next season.”

“Governor Lynelle please get your man back from her!” another “Yellowstone” fan says.

We’ll see if Piper returns for season five.

‘Yellowstone’ Storyline Shows a Different Side of John Dutton

“Yellowstone” fans mostly think of John Dutton as a grizzled old cowboy who does what he has to do to protect his ranch. While that is mostly true, the inclusion of Summer Higgins in season four gives us another side to Dutton.

The Dutton family patriarch very clearly has a soft spot for Summer despite her views being totally opposite from his. Beth Dutton, clearly jealous that someone is stealing attention from her father, very much dislikes Summer.

Tricking Summer into think she wants to help, Beth pulls a con job that results in Summer’s arrest. This malicious action angers John so much that he almost sends Beth away from “Yellowstone” Ranch.

Summer is now facing numerous years in prison after assaulting a law enforcement officer at Beth’s suggestion. But, John appears ready to fight the charge on Summer’s behalf, telling her it is “a long fight…and this is the beginning.”

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