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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Still Shook About Shocking Death in Episode 8

by Leanne Stahulak

This week’s episode of “Yellowstone” hit fans hard, especially when a major character died in the last few minutes of the show.

Since the beginning of Season 1, fans have watched Sheriff Haskell and John Dutton butt heads about different issues. Their relationship was always a bit complex, given how they grew up knowing one another but at some points in the show, Haskell betrayed John. And yet during “Yellowstone” Season 4, it seemed like their friendship was really on the up and up.

But while going to meet Sheriff Haskell at the local diner, John and Rip Wheeler discover some robbers holding hostages inside, including the sheriff. John and Rip quickly take care of the situation with their own guns, but not before Haskell gets shot. He dies while talking on the phone one last time with his daughter.

The “Yellowstone” scene was absolutely heartbreaking to watch. And so, when the show posted about Haskell’s death on their official Instagram account, fans took to the comments to express their shock and sadness.

“Too soon, too soon!” one distraught fan commented.

“Definitely a hard scene to watch. Calling his daughter one last time… I cried like a baby. Putting myself in my daughter’s shoes and his,” another fan wrote.

A different fan said, “Donny dying was heartbreaking, especially while on the phone with his daughter!”

It seems “Yellowstone” fans can universally agree that the phone conversation just hit so hard emotionally.

This fan accurately summed up how it can feel watching a “Yellowstone” episode so close to the finale. “Me, 50 minutes in: everyone’s happy and nothing violent has happened. I’m afraid. Last ten minutes: yup, there we go.”

What Does This Mean For John Dutton’s Future on ‘Yellowstone?’

While many “Yellowstone” fans mourned the loss of Sheriff Haskell, others wondered why it had to happen.

“So unnecessary to eliminate that character…” one fan put out there in the comments of the show’s Instagram post.

Several fans chimed in to say that actor Hugh Dillon switched from “Yellowstone” to creator Taylor Sheridan’s other new show, “Mayor of Kingstown.” It sounds like Dillon plays a pretty similar character on that show. But clearly, his schedule didn’t allow for filming much of both.

Other fans, however, chimed in with how they could see the sheriff’s death impacting John’s run for governor. “It had to be done so Jamie has ammo in the political race against John. They’ll blame him for the sheriff’s death,” one fan replied to the above commenter.

This is an interesting theory, especially since the diner scene could also be used to boost John’s chances for the governorship. Some may call him a hero for stopping the robbery, taking out the perps, and limiting the loss of life. Others will say he stepped in unnecessarily and should’ve let the police handle it. We’ll have to wait until next week to see which side of the fence the situation falls on.