‘Yellowstone’ Fans Have Strong Feelings About Idea of Malcolm Beck Being Behind Dutton Attacks

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Opinions are heated ahead of Yellowstone Season 4 as fans debate the survival of Season 2 villain, Malcolm Beck (Neal McDonough).

As any fan will tell you, Yellowstone Season 3 ended with the near-annihilation of the Duttons per orchestrated hits. One of the most gripping season finales in television history, this wild cliffhanger has held audiences on the edge of suspense for over a year-and-a-half now.

With Season 4 right around the corner, curiosity over who orchestrated the hits on the Duttons is a high as ever, too. Over on Reddit’s active Yellowstone board, some fans are voicing their belief that Season 2’s big bad, Malcolm Beck, is to blame. Others, however, think that’s ludicrous – leading to some intense feelings on both sides.

‘It’s Malcolm Beck. That’s the post. It’s Malcolm Beck.’

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

“It’s Malcolm Beck. That’s the post. It’s Malcolm Beck,” drops Redditor Honey_c62 Monday. Honey’s point? That Beck orchestrated those devastating Season 3 finale assassination (attempts), of course. And woo boy, do fellow Yellowstone fans have feelings on whether that’s possible or not.

Perhaps fan 7ruby18 sums it up best, responding that Malcolm Beck would “be an IDIOT, assuming he survived being shot multiple times out in the middle of nowhere, to try anything against the Duttons. He was bested by someone meaner and with more to lose (land, legacy, promise and honor). IF he lived, and I definitely say NO to that, he’d do best to lick his wounds and quietly live out the rest of his days in Arizona or Florida.”

Glad-Ad7744 echoes this, saying they agree on this being “a strong possibility… We did NOT see him die. What I found annoying was that John told [Kayce], ‘we’re gonna kill them, son’… And then [Kayce] promised his wife he was going to kill them. What they did do? They left Malcom ALIVE — that was kinda lame,” the Redditor cites.

The key phrase in 7ruby18’s response above, however, is “assuming he survived.” Yellowstone creator & writer Taylor Sheridan does an awful lot with Season 3 to move the story along from the Beck Brothers and their reign of terror. The Duttons have far bigger fish to fry now.

‘Yellowstone’: What’s Dead Is Done

And don’t forget, Season 2 does feature a news broadcast after the final showdown with the Beck Brothers announcing both of their deaths. It is most likely that both bled out; dying of their multiple gunshot wounds. The ways things play out do so for drama’s sake – not to have them suddenly appear again two seasons later.

Or, as Redditor Timely_Efficiency_86 puts it: “What? [Malcolm Beck] died in a field with John walking away from him, gut shot in the dirt! If he hadn’t died it would have been noted, this isn’t Game of Thrones. So he neither has the will (dead) or the means (still dead) to have the attacks carried out…

“Plus if he had organized it prior to his death, the hitmen would have taken the money and run as soon as they found out the beck brothers were dead,” Timely adds.

Indeed, these two dead cowboys seem like the least of the Duttons worries heading into Yellowstone Season 4. With November 7’s two-episode premiere, answers are likely on the way.