‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Stunned After Realizing Who Plays Travis Wheatley

by Jon D. B.

Yellowstone fans are having their “mind blown” by Taylor Sheridan entering his Yellowstone canon as one Travis Wheatley.

Taylor Sheridan is a man who wears all the hats. Alongside co-creating, writing, scripting, directing, and producing Yellowstone, he’s also joining the fray as an actor for Season 4. Fans seeing Sheridan on-screen for the first time still can’t believe it, either. But sure enough, Sheridan is set to play a much bigger role in Yellowstone canon moving forward as Travis Wheatley, horsemaster extraordinaire.

Or, as Redditor renee7779 puts it: “Travis = Taylor Sheridan!”

“Anyone else not know that Taylor Sheridan played Travis!?” the Redditor asks fellow fans on the Yellowstone board after Season 4’s two-episode premiere. This fan is “literally mind blown! I had no idea this whole time. Also, the 6666 ranch spin-off is obviously going to be where jimmy goes right?”

That’s a two-parter there, but it’s a resounding yes to both, partner. While some fans are seeing Sheridan’s face in front of the camera for the first time (this isn’t the first time he’s been on his show as an actor), many of us recall his acting work from well before he was a renowned world-creator and revitalizer of the Western genre.

As fan 1l536 puts it: “I knew , but I also watched SOA.”

“When he appeared a few seasons ago, it took me forever to figure out who he was because he looked familiar,” echoes AmyK2003. “I went down the rabbit hole and placed him as the cop from Sons of Anarchy. That’s also when I figured out that he was the co-creator. He’s got a lot going for him right now.”

Taylor Sheridan’s ‘Yellowstone’ Character to Lead Directly into Texas-Based Spinoff, ‘6666’

As with everything in Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone, his own character is part of an overarching “bigger picture,” too. His Travis is set to play a big part in 6666‘s proceedings.

6666 is the Texas-based spinoff coming to Paramount Network from Sheridan, and will run congruently with Yellowstone as a southern counterpart. It’s based on the historic, enormous ranch of the same name, which is as close to a “real Yellowstone Ranch” as any in America. In fact, Sheridan bought the ranch this year, no doubt as part of his master plan for the show.

As for the tie-ins to Yellowstone, that comes via Sheridan’s Travis, too. He’s set to attempt to make John Dutton a fortune in Texas with horses. And as one Redditor points out, he’s bringing Jimmy Hurdstrom with him.

“Rip tells Jimmy something to the effect of Travis is leaving tomorrow and we’re sending you with him. That’s the setup for the new four 6s show,” tiger0204 comments.

We’ll find out exactly how Travis factors into Yellowstone spinoff 6666 next year.