‘Yellowstone’ TV: Fans Suggest John Dutton Should Sell the Ranch, Here’s Why

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of hit Paramount Network series Yellowstone are giddy with excitement as the return of the show is in sight.

Yellowstone producers say they are aiming to premiere the fourth season this summer. No official date has been set to this point but sometime in June looks like the most possible scenario. Several actors on the show have put out small teases about the new season, including some behind-the-scenes photos. Other actors on the show have suggested storylines that could come into play in the fourth season.

It is music to the ears of Yellowstone loyalists who are fighting to remain patient regarding upcoming new episodes. Much like a child eyeing a present under the Christmas Tree, fans are chomping at the bit for the Yellowstone return. In the meantime, fans have taken up a hobby while waiting for Yellowstone — and that is, of course, talking about Yellowstone. Online forum communities, like Reddit, have become the place to be for fans of the show. Fans love to share their theories, speculate on characters and discuss what significance various scenes carry.

Fans Discuss Dilemma Facing John Dutton

A recent Reddit thread discusses the dilemma facing Yellowstone Ranch owner John Dutton. To sell or not to sell is the situation staring the Dutton family patriarch in the face. The Market Equities team of Roarke Morris and Willa Hayes have offered to make John Dutton a very rich man. In return, they want a portion of the property that comprises Yellowstone Ranch in order to build an airport. Their offer for Yellowstone Ranch is massive at $500 million total.

“He’s tough but unrealistic about the land,” the Reddit user says. “He should sell all of it but keep out (some) acres. He would be surrounded by beauty, the family would be rich and wouldn’t have to continue the fighting.”

Despite the generous offer for Yellowstone Ranch, John Dutton makes clear he has no intentions of selling. You have to be rather attached to something to decline a half-billion dollars for it –and John is. The ranch has been in his family for generations of Duttons and Costner’s John Dutton will do anything to keep that from changing.

Yellowstone Ranch Is Not For Sale

As evidenced by the season three finale, someone is obviously very angry with John Dutton. Or, should we say, possibly multiple someones. We last see him struggling to breathe after being shot in the chest several times by an unknown attacker.

The Market Equities team are prime suspects in the attack that also targeted Kayce and Beth Dutton. Discovering who carries out the attacks is likely to be a prime storyline in season four of Yellowstone.

Could the attack on his family force John Dutton to reconsider selling Yellowstone Ranch? Will the attack on his family’s lives strengthen his resolve? Will John and his Yellowstone crew mount a counter-attack on the culprits?

We would bet on the latter scenario but nothing is completely off the table when it comes to Yellowstone. One thing is for sure and that is answers are coming soon…and fans can’t wait.