‘Yellowstone’ Fans Surprised at ‘Implausible’ Aspects of Season 4 Premiere

by Jennifer Shea

“Yellowstone” fans are a dedicated group. But like many fans, they sometimes want to have it both ways. While they want the show to be intense and action-packed, they also want it to be realistic. And so some of them are a little bent out of shape about the more “implausible” aspects of the Season 4 premiere.

In a recent Reddit thread, some fans griped about the unrealistic outcome of the Season 3 finale attacks, while others chimed in to defend series co-creator Taylor Sheridan’s choices.

Spoiler alert: If you haven’t seen the Season 4 premiere and don’t want to know what happens, read no further.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Call Season 4 Premiere ‘Implausible’

In the new Reddit thread, fans bashed the Season 4 premiere as “implausible” and “weird.” Some of them seemed to want Sheridan to kill off Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly), a fan favorite, even as they grudgingly admitted they couldn’t see John Dutton (Kevin Costner) or Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) biting the dust.

“[What] do you y’all think about everyone surviving the attack?” one fan kicked off the thread. “I thought it makes the S3 finale meaningless now. Beth surviving was strange and confusing, I figured John would survive. I actually would’ve been very shocked if he died and Kayce I had no doubt he would survive. What do y’all think about all this??”

“Implausible to say the least,” another fan agreed. “But what did we expect? TV magic at its finest. I’m glad characters survived but it definitely cheapens the 15 month build to the premiere following the finale.”

Another fan replied that the Season 4 premiere “makes you wonder how something so implausible can be so intense to intelligent viewers.” And yet another fan argued that “everyone surviving is completely stupid… Everything else is great but Beth should be dead.”

Some fans even took issue with Beth and Rip’s (Cole Hauser) decision to take in Carter (Finn Little), a heartwarming development that one fan nonetheless said “cheapens their love,” which is apparently supposed to be tragic and star-crossed all the time.

Other Fans Defend Season 4 Developments

However, other “Yellowstone” fans jumped in to defend the Season 4 premiere, saying they were happy Beth survived and the opening scenes of the premiere were great. Of course people wouldn’t survive what the Duttons have been through in real life, they countered, but this is TV.

“Beth is a god d**n terminator,” one fan declared. “She’s unkillable.”

“There’s no way these two episodes made the S3 finale meaningless,” another fan argued. “I loved it and expected everyone to survive. The story needs all of them.”

“If Beth died I think they would have lost half of their audience,” yet another fan pointed out.

From getting shot to walking out of a bomb blast to getting thrown from a horse, there’s no question that audiences should not try the Season 3 finale stunts at home. But would fans really have been happier if Sheridan went with a realistic outcome and killed off four characters? Not likely.

With the Duttons back in action and a murderous militia on the loose – not to mention the Broken Rock gambler’s mysterious claim that he hooked up two parties who wanted to go after the Duttons – Season 4 is shaping up to be the most suspenseful one yet. Catch new episodes on Sundays, exclusively on the Paramount Network.