‘Yellowstone’ Fans Tackle Near-Impossible Task in Naming ‘Favorite’ Part of Show

by Thad Mitchell

It may seem like a simple question but fans of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” are struggling to provide an answer.

“What is your favorite part of the show?” is the question posed to “Yellowstone” watchers in a recent Reddit thread. It’s a loaded question with tons of possible answers. How do you narrow it down to just one facet of the modern western drama? It is a lot harder than it sounds and fans are starting to figure this out. “Yellowstone” is awesome for so many reasons and to pick just one is a near-impossible task for the die-hard fans composing the show’s viewership. “Yellowstone” follows the Dutton family as they strive to maintain their property from others who wish to claim it as their own. This provides the foundation for which “Yellowstone” builds its storyline to become one of the most suspenseful shows on television. It is this suspense that many fans point to as their favorite part of the show.

While the suspense is excellent, it isn’t the only thing making “Yellowstone” a favorite among television fans. In the Reddit thread, fans sound off on their favorite parts of the “Yellowstone” saga. As you will see — most fans have trouble picking one single factor as their personal favorite.

“For me, I love the dynamics between the Duttons and the bunkhouse (well, the whole state, but mostly the bunkhouse),” the Reddit user says. “The loyalty of the bunkhouse is incredibly strong, and it seems to be returned, even if in a different way, by the Duttons. Like John paying Jimmy’s hospital bills after the rodeo accident. I can’t help but be fascinated by the give and take of loyalty and obedience.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Sound Off on Favorite Aspects of Show

More answers rang in from the “Yellowstone” faithful as they discuss their favorite parts of the series. A few answers given by fans are quite surprising.

“I like the fact that most of the characters are grey and I love the dynamic between The Dutton Family,” a fan writes in the thread.

“I just love the whole concept of the show,” another fan writes. I’ve been to Montana twice and completely fell in love with the country and wilderness so I love how the show captures that.”

As a “Yellowstone” fan myself — I’m going to say my favorite part of the show is the element of surprise. No one saw the entire Dutton family coming under attack at the end of the third season. It was a next-level cliffhanger that left many, myself included, in a state of shock.

There’s no wrong reason to love “Yellowstone” and the show has a little something for everyone. We can’t wait to see what the ranch cooks up for in season four.