‘Yellowstone’ Fans Talk ‘Most Missed Cast Member’ in Season 4

by Joe Rutland

With all the drama filling Yellowstone this season, some fans are sharing their sadness over the “most missed cast member.”

So, you’re thinking about a certain person, Outsiders?

Nope. These fans on Reddit were chopping up the Taylor Sheridan-created western drama over this missing cast member. The helicopter.

RavenNV writes, “Sad to see the ‘ol chopper was out of the budget again this season. At this point, they don’t even mention that it exists anymore.”

Redditor Catfulu says, “My guess is that the helicopter will be part of the cast in 1863.” To which RavenNV replies, “This is the way”.

Yet another Yellowstone fan, CCORRIGEN, writes, “Felix Long is my most missed cast member (Monica’s grandfather). It says he was in the “Under a Blanket of Red” episode but I didn’t catch him. He must have been in the “sauna tent” with Rainwater and Tate.”

Fan 7Ruby18 replies, “He cooked breakfast for Tate, Monica, and Kayce after the sweat. (I wondered where his wife was, the lady in the wheelchair from an earlier episode.)”.

There is little doubt these fans definitely love Yellowstone. They all have paid attention to the storylines.

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‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Lets The World Really Know How She Feels About Actress

Yeah, yeah, everyone who saw Yellowstone on Sunday night (or this week and a spoiler is ahead) could cut the tension between Beth and Summer with a knife.

Hey, Beth had one in her hand while Summer used the milk bottle for her weapon of choice.

The scene in the most recent episode saw Beth Dutton, John’s daughter played by Kelly Reilly, square off with Summer Higgins, played by Piper Perabo. The action was a bit, shall we say, more heated with Summer simply wearing a long shirt over her underwear.

Yet we’re here to tell you that Summer has a fan in, you guessed it, Kelly Reilly. Perabo shared a photo from the show’s set on Instagram. People commented under the pic. Yep, people like Reilly.

Say what? Yes, Outsiders. Reilly writes, “You are so brilliant and I love working with you Piper ! Xxxx.”

Perabo talked with Taste of Country about her experiences on Yellowstone. One star did intimidate her.

“My first day with Kevin,” she said, “he’s a real movie star, and so when you do a scene with somebody like that, you have this whole history of film that you see. You know, Bull Durham and Dances with Wolves and Field of Dreams. Just so many films that are kind of in your mind the first moment you see him.”