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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Talk Season 4’s Major Highlights

by Leanne Stahulak

Even a week after the “Yellowstone” Season 4 finale, fans are still talking about the best and worst parts of the season. We need something to tide us over, after all, until Season 5 (hopefully) hits our screens.

Some “Yellowstone” fans took to Reddit to dish out the highlights and low points from the most recent season. One person began a conversation acknowledging the highlights because they’ve seen so many people “complain” about Season 4.

“Too many people seem to be complaining about S4. It had flaws and many of us can’t agree what they were, but there was also a lot of fantastic stuff,” the original poster said in their introduction.

The person then went on to list some of the highlights on their list. “Increased screen time for Kevin Costner makes for a stronger show,” they started out with. The original poster also included a better storyline for Kayce and Monica (more focused on dealing with trauma). They didn’t agree with Rip and Beth’s parenting style but thought it added something to “Yellowstone.” The original poster also loved Jimmy’s storyline but hated Beth’s.

Fellow “Yellowstone” fans took to the comments to agree and disagree with the original post. “I agree. My biggest criticism of the season would be more Kayce, less Beth,” one fan said in the comments.

Other people felt like Season 4 had more “fillers” than Season 3, which makes it hard to compare the two in terms of quality content. One person believed Rip “warming up to” Carter indicates a great storyline for those two in the future.

A different “Yellowstone” fan disagreed with the hate on Beth’s storyline. They say she went extreme for “most” of the season. But things changed after John threatened to kick her off the ranch. This actually made her fearful of losing what she loves and toned down Beth’s future actions, in their opinion. Specifically, early Season 4 Beth likely would’ve killed Jamie instead of plotting to make him work for them.

How To Rewatch the Latest ‘Yellowstone’ Season

Some fans are likely still processing the end of “Yellowstone” Season 4. Others feel ready to jump right back in and watch the series all over again. However, there are only a few places where you can reliably catch up on Season 4 since it’s no longer on the air.

Streaming-wise, your go-to service is not Paramount Plus, as one would think. Instead, look out on Peacock for the new season. Peacock currently has “Yellowstone” Seasons 1 through 3. And we predict that by March 2022, Season 4 will hopefully hit the streaming service too. So, if you can wait that long, try out Peacock.

If you’re looking to watch it sooner than that, then Amazon Prime is your best bet. All episodes are available, and you can purchase the whole season for just $20.