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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Think Beth Dutton Finally Got What She Had Coming

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

Fans of the hit western television series Yellowstone certainly love to speculate. And, the moments after a brand new episode are especially exciting as fans of the popular series come together to discuss the major moments after they unfold. Especially when some major things are going down in the relationships between two of our favorite Dutton characters.

During the most recent season four episode of Yellowstone, titled No Such Thing as Fair, it seems Beth Dutton has finally pushed things too far with one of her biggest supporters, her father, John Dutton.

And, some Reddit users feel this moment was long overdue.

“Great episode,” one Redditor wrote Sunday evening on the Yellowstone season four, episode nine post-episode board.

“Beth got a taste of her own medicine,” the commenter notes. “and rightfully so.”

“The scenes with Beth and John were the standouts for me,” another Redditor mentions in the Yellowstone thread.

The commenter notes that those wanting Beth to ger a dose of what she had coming would be pleased with the tense moment that finally came to a head during the December 26 Yellowstone episode.

“Those clamoring for Beth to be put in her place should be satisfied,” the writer says.

“Beth also knows the name of the man who set up the attack for Garrett,” the Redditor goes on to reveal. “and if she follows up on that she will be led right to Jamie’s coverup.”

Have ‘Yellowstone’s’ John and Beth Been Poised For This Moment All Season?

This moment was certainly one that Yellowstone fans could have predicted in this latest episode. However notes the Redditor, it seems that portions of the Dutton fall out were a long time coming.

“She’s also upset that he hasn’t attacked Jamie (Wes Bentley), showing him the scars from her burns for the first time and demanding justice for her pain, too,” the commenter says of Beth Dutton’s confrontation with her father, who is portrayed by Kevin Costner.

“When he tells her that he knows who was behind the attacks, the tension between them just ratchets up,” the Redditor explains.

“But it finally boils over later in Episode 9 over Summer Higgins (Piper Perabo), who is facing the potential of life in prison after being arrested by state and federal forces who cleared the protestors out of the land where Market Equities are trying to build an airport.”

It is at this moment, that John Dutton learns of Beth’s (Kelly Reilly) dealings with Summer. And, that is the final straw for the Dutton family patriarch.

John Dutton tells his daughter that she has gone way too far at this point. And, the patriarch says, he is greatly disappointed in her decisions. This clearly hurts both father and daughter.

Although, it’s a step John Dutton feels he needs to take. Eventually, he tells his daughter that he thinks it’s time for her to find a new home. This, of course, leaves Yellowstone fans wondering if Beth Dutton will finally step away; or if this rift will find a resolution as the season wraps up.