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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Think Season 5 Has Started Filming Already

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

We are now just a few short weeks away from the return of one of our favorite shows, the Paramount Network series “Yellowstone.”

“Yellowstone” fans are a bit of a different breed when it comes to television enthusiasts. We’re excited, yet not content, that season four is a short time away. Many fans, us here at Outsider among them, are also looking past the fourth season and into the “Yellowstone” future.

While there’s been no official confirmation, there is a strong belief that the show will continue beyond the upcoming new season. Could a fifth season already be in the works? At least one fan with a camera believes filming for the fifth season is already underway. The fan took to Reddit to share.

“Season 5 looks to have started filming already,” the fan says. “This was today at the “Dutton” ranch.”

The “Yellowstone” watcher and Reddit user shares a photo of a very interesting sign supposedly near the “Dutton” Ranch. The “Dutton” Ranch is actually the Chief Joseph Ranch, nestled deep in the mountains of Montana.

The show films most of its ranch scenes at the Chief Joseph Ranch — transforming into the ranch we see on TV. The sign has the familiar “Y” logo on it and seemingly points travels into the direction of the ranch. One side of the sign directs incoming traffic to “Basecamp” with an arrow. The other side reads “H.5” with no clarification on what the letter-number combination means.

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Captures Evidence of Season Five Filming

While the photographed sign is hardly indisputable evidence of filming, it is interesting that something related to “Yellowstone” is apparently going on at the ranch. Perhaps they have begun filming and are waiting for a special moment to announce the renewal. One would have to think a two-hour premiere would be a pretty special moment. Could we get “Yellowstone” season five confirmation soon? It’s certainly not out of the question.

It’s been a long, hard wait for “Yellowstone” fans as season four will begin nearly a year and a half from the end of season three. And what a third season finale the show gave us as the lives of four primary characters hang in the balance. The cliffhanging end to season three is a big reason why the fourth season is one of the most anticipated cable television events in history.

The “Yellowstone” premiere is set for November 7 and will have not one — but two hours of cowboy culture goodness. Fans simply cannot wait to see the Dutton family and their team of cowboys return. There is so much excitement surrounding the new season that some people are planning to play hooky from work the next day. We’ve all had a longer than expected wait, but it’s well worth it as we are nearly to the finish line.