‘Yellowstone’ Fans Think the Show’s Focus Has Been Lacking in Season 4

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Paramount+/Paramount Network

“Yellowstone” season 4 premiered on Nov. 7, and since then it’s been a wild ride. But, some fans are considering the show might be a little out of focus.

With so many “Yellowstone” spin-offs happening, fans are concerned the flagship is slowing down to shift the focus onto the new shows. Fans took to Reddit to air their grievances and discuss the theory.

Focus seems to be on introducing the other shows,” the original post reads. “Seems like this season so far has been 25% show horse riding, 25% storyline, 50% introducing the new spin-off shows.” The new shows include “1883,” the prequel to “Yellowstone,” and “6666,” which focuses on the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas.

Another fan replied, “Honestly I think Paramount is banking on Yellowstone spinoffs keeping Paramount+ afloat.”

In that same comment thread, one fan posited that Paramount made a mistake by selling the “Yellowstone” rights to Peacock. “Marketing Paramount+ as the only service where you can get caught up on Yellowstone would’ve been huge for them,” they wrote.

Truly, there has been some confusion as to where exactly you can watch “Yellowstone” seasons 1 through 3. It’s marketed as being on Paramount+, but then the previous seasons aren’t there. Then, it turns out it’s only on the Paramount Network, not Paramount+, which is a whole different can of worms. Next, it seems like it’s only available on Peacock, which is great, Peacock is free; except, you have to pay for a premium version of Peacock just for the show. It’s a frustrating turn of events. But, it only scratches the surface of the issues fans are having with the new season.

Fans Concerned About What Spin-Offs Mean for ‘Yellowstone’ Storylines

It’s great to have spin-off shows, as it opens up the universe and tells different stories; but, “Yellowstone” fans are a little concerned about their own stories currently.

“I understand they want to expand it, and I’m excited for the other shows, but I’d like some more Yellowstone storylines,” one fan commented. Another wrote that it seems like they’re trying to make a “‘Yellowstone’ MCU,” comparing the various spin-offs to the expansive Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Now, a lot of fans are concerned with where the show is going in general. “Yellowstone season 1 had some hallmarks of good writing, but it doesn’t have enough to sustain so many seasons […] Instead of making the the Dutton Ranch the sole focus, they should have focused more on the indigenous side. Now Rainwater is just an afterthought, a leftover from earlier seasons they don’t know what to do with,” commented one fan.

Another commented that they had fun with the previous seasons, but “After watching [season 4], the main characters survived and they quickly closed the story to focus on these other storylines for the new shows.”

It seems like a lot of fans are disappointed in “Yellowstone” so far, despite still loving it. Fans had high expectations, and this season is letting them down a bit. Can “Yellowstone” pick it up again and turn out storylines akin to seasons 1 through 3?