‘Yellowstone’ Fans Think Tate Is About to Go Off in Season 5 After Seeing Brecken Merrill’s Gun Range Video

by Lauren Boisvert

“Yellowstone” star Brecken Merrill recently posted a video to his Instagram that has fans talking about what his character Tate Dutton could be up to in season 5. Merrill’s behind-the-scenes video features him at Whittecar Gun Range in Hamilton, Montana practicing his aim.

“Delta John and Tracy took me to Whittecar shooting range and taught me about 1911s and Glocks,” he wrote in the caption, adding at the end, “I know – I’m working on my grip.”

He looks pretty confident handling that pistol, so it seems like his instructors taught him well. Merrill included the hashtags “#GunSafety” and “#TargetPractice” as well. Safety is paramount when at a gun range and at all times in general. He’s decked out in protective gear first and foremost. This is important for when those spent casings come flying at you on accident.

Fans in the comments commended him for taking on this new skill, cheering him on, and letting him know that his grip will improve with time. There were also a few who wondered if this was training for “Yellowstone,” and if Tate is going to “go off” in season 5.

“Sounds like #yellowstone season 5 training for Tate,” wrote one fan, who mentioned that “[Kayce] does use both [1911s and Glocks].” Could Tate be gearing up to protect himself and his family with his father’s guns? Another fan wrote, “[Tate’s about] to go off in season 5.” That’s a pretty good prediction, as well. It feels like Tate could suffer from PTSD so badly that his family teaches him how to use a gun to protect himself. Or, there’s an instance where he has to fight and potentially kill someone else.

What’s Going to Happen to Tate in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5?

In season 4, the hits just kept on coming for Tate. In the premiere episode, he had to shoot and kill a man who was assaulting Monica, his mother. Not only did he have to witness violence against his mother, but he had to inflict violence on someone else. If this new video from Merrill is part of his training for “Yellowstone” season 5, it’s plausible that Tate is getting some actual training of his own down the line.

But, does it make sense that Tate, with his life experiences and subsequent PTSD at such a young age, would be able to handle learning how to use a gun? He’s a severely broken child, and really he needs therapy instead of shooting lessons. But, that’s not how the Dutton’s operate. They’re a very “pull yourself together, don’t let anyone see you weak” sort of family. This could potentially be extremely detrimental to Tate’s mental growth as he gets older. Essentially, I would like to see that reflected in the show. Instead of PTSD being “solved” or “fixed” by Kayce telling his son to pull it together and come eat dinner, Tate’s storyline could be enhanced by showing the real effects of PTSD on a child. That has the potential to be some great television if Taylor Sheridan wants to take it there.