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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Getting Tired of the ‘6666’ and ‘1883’ Crossover

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images for for Paramount+)

As the Yellowstone universe continues to expand, some fans feel that director Taylor Sheridan has started to lose sight of the main storyline.

Usually, spinoffs don’t overlap with the original series too often in order to keep the storylines unique from one another. But Sheridan is breaking this rule in hopes that it will create a clearer image of the Dutton family and the ranch lifestyle in the west. And while this creative project is undoubtedly unlike any other on screens, the result may end up being a neglected main series.

After the most recent episode of Yellowstone, fans became irritated that Sheridan’s other series began to take away from the storyline. The 1883 prologue and the 6666 scenes ate up a huge chunk out of the hour-long episode. This doesn’t even include all the promos and commercials for the spinoffs during the breaks.

Fed up with the crossovers, Yellowstone fans took their frustrations to Twitter and pleaded for future episodes to just be about the current Duttons.

“Starting to get disappointed with #YellowstoneTV this season. Feel like I’m watching 1883 and the 6666 ranch Taylor Sheridan bought with his buds rather than #YellowstoneTV#plsfix,” one fan tweeted.

Another captured their thoughts with a poignant meme of The Office character Michael Scott. The Yellowstone viewer also created a breakdown of the showtime on Paramount Network in which the main storyline was only 15 minutes long.

While this likely isn’t an accurate breakdown, it does demonstrate how fans feel Sheridan has divided too much of his attention to his other projects.

‘Yellowstone’ and Spinoffs Might Lose Viewers if Crossovers Continue

Some fans even threatened to stop watching Yellowstone altogether if the storylines continue to bleed into one another. Feeling as though the main storyline is moving too slowly, these viewers are quickly losing patience.

“So am I watching #YellowstoneTV or 6666 or 1883? Come on Taylor Sheridan. Enough. This is NOT the Yellowstone we’ve come to know & love. One show at a time & start clearing up the attack for us. Fans will find another show if this keeps up. Oh & enough with the ads,” a particularly flustered Yellowstone fan wrote.

Others claimed that they can’t even enjoy the Yellowstone spinoffs because the crossovers have tainted their excitement for them.

Another Twitter user concurred, “I understand the corporate need to promote 1883 – the opener and *every single commercial break* – and 6666 (every scene with Jimmy), the Yellowstone ET Aftershow and Paramount+, but fans of #YellowstoneTV may actually want to watch Yellowstone….”

Judging from the response from Yellowstone fans, Sheridan might need to rethink the structure of the series. While the crossovers are masterpieces of their own, it seems fans want to focus on one storyline at a time.