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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Tossing Up Hail Mary Predictions With Season 4 Just Days Away

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

We are now less than a week away from the premiere of the latest season of “Yellowstone” and excitement is hitting full gear.

There was much rejoicing among “Yellowstone” fans when the official premiere date was revealed. There were also many rumors about just what the fourth season might hold. Theorizing season four storylines became the favorite pastime of “Yellowstone” fans. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram were favorite spots for fans to share their predictions. Online forum sites like Reddit also became flooded with fans wanting to share and discuss their theories. Now, just a few days away from the season four premiere date, fans are getting in their last-minute predictions.

“I say Market Equities is behind the attacks, at least on Beth and John,” a fan writes. “The attack on Kayce could possibly be from the folks hired by the Becks to kidnap Tate. Some people think that Malcolm Beck is still alive just because we didn’t actually see him take his last breath, and he’s aching for a rematch.”

The “Malcolm Beck is still alive” theory has been a popular one among “Yellowstone” fans. Beck was the primary antagonist in the second season and viewers don’t actually see him die on-screen.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Take Opposing Views on Season Four

Predicting who survives the third season finale attack is also a popular talking point among fans.

“I say John, Beth and Kayce all survive their attacks,” another fan says. “What happens on the ranch, and who survives that, that’s a toughy. I think Jimmy has mounted his last horse. I’d like to see Mia and Laramie go away.”

“I’m going to take an opposing view,” another fan says. “I think Jaime is behind the attacks. His biological father talked about the family’s gift to kill and how you kill the king to own the ranch. I think all 3 will survive but John ends up paralyzed.”

It has been a long “Yellowstone” offseason for the show’s robust fan base, but good things come to those who wait. The offseason has been filled with uncertainty as to when the fourth and latest season of the show would arrive. Many believed the new season would make its debut in the early summer months. We then heard speculation that “Yellowstone” wanted to avoid competition with the summer Olympics.

This led to many fans believing the show would return later in the summer but it was not to be. Rumors then insisted on an early fall date for the premier but those also turned out to be false. Perhaps realizing that fans were growing flustered with the lack of “Yellowstone” news, we got the word we have all been waiting for. Sunday, November 7, will be the day that our favorite show will return to our lives.