‘Yellowstone’ Fans Want To See Kayce and John Become Close Again

by Leanne Stahulak

During “Yellowstone” Season 4, Kayce Dutton made the decision to move his family off his father’s ranch and back onto the Broken Rock Reservation.

While this decision ended up helping his son Tate and wife Monica recover from the traumatic experiences they endured on the ranch, it might’ve had the opposite effect on Kayce. Some fans saw it hurt his relationship with John Dutton, in fact.

A “Yellowstone” fan on Reddit posed the question to fellow fans. “Am I the only one who wants to see that bond and closeness between Kayce and John again like in the first few seasons? And not only that but them working side by side around the Ranch, Kayce helping out with problems there like the Bikers, at the bar, and such.”

It’s true that in Season 3, we really saw Kayce and John grow closer as father and son. Kayce stepped up into the role of Livestock Commissioner. He got advice from John about the position and even moved his family into the big house. For a brief moment in time, they seemed like a pretty happy intergenerational family.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Weigh In on Kayce and John’s Relationship

But one “Yellowstone” fan commented on the post that it never really was a closeness that we saw between Kayce and John, especially in Season 1.

“Kayce begins the series as almost a ‘Mary Sue’ character that constantly calls John out on the things we the audience notice about him,” the “Yellowstone” fan commented. “In the later seasons as John begins to bring Kayce back under his influence through concessions of power (becoming livestock commissioner) and privilege (move into the big house on the ranch) we see Kayce lose some of his identity and become the man his father wants him to be. Which he realizes is not the man he wants to be or the man his family needs him to be. Hence why he picks up and moves off the ranch.”

This is a really interesting hot take, and it might explain Kayce’s actions throughout “Yellowstone” Season 4. Not all fans appreciated Kayce’s character arc this season. He ran into the wolf again and sought a vision through a Native American ceremony. The ceremony was supposed to help Kayce find a clearer purpose in his life. Maybe that’s because he doesn’t really know who he is after being influenced by his father.

Other “Yellowstone” fans agreed with the original poster that Kayce and John need to have more scenes together next season. “Kayce is the only one he respects. John was much happier with Kayce and his family on the ranch,” a different person wrote.

While we know that John loves Beth, he doesn’t always appreciate (or potentially respect) her methods. Kayce and John, on the other hand, are cut from the same cloth. Maybe John does miss having Kayce around because they share similar values.