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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Want to Know How Many People the Duttons Have Killed

by Leanne Stahulak
Courtesy of Paramount Network.

Part of what makes “Yellowstone” such an exciting show is all the high-stakes action it contains. The Duttons are always just a little bit at risk of injury or worse.

But they give as good as they get. Whenever someone threatens a Dutton or member of the ranch, justice is always served swiftly. We saw that as early as “Yellowstone” Season 1 Episode 1, when John Dutton’s oldest son Lee died, and Kayce Dutton shot his brother-in-law, Robert Long, to avenge him.

Over the course of the next four seasons, we watched the Duttons send many enemies to the train station. But do we know exactly how many?

One “Yellowstone” fan posed this question in a Reddit post earlier. The original poster asked, “Has anyone compiled any kind of accurate body count for The Dutton Gang yet?”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Give Their Best Guess on the Number of People Killed by the Duttons

The short answer is, no. We don’t have an accurate body count for every one killed on “Yellowstone.” Many people offered their guesses, though. “I’m not sure I can count that high,” one fan said with a laughing face emoji. Another person chimed in with, “A good answer would be …. a lot?”

In the comments, the original poster went back in and asked if anyone had even a ballpark estimate. They believe the number to be in the hundreds, which honestly doesn’t sound too far off. There are several individual deaths we could count in Season 1 alone. From Robert Long to the medical examiner who smoked embalming fluid to the meth head who Kayce put out of his misery.

But it’s likely impossible to get a totally accurate count on “Yellowstone” deaths given how many large groups were taken out by the Duttons. Like the militia at the end of Seaosn2 who kidnapped Tate. Or the group that executed the attacks on the Duttons at the end of Season 3 and the beginning of Season 4. Even the biker gang could be hard to round up.

One “Yellowstone” fan said someone was going to rewatch the show from the beginning and start tallying the deaths. But they’re just starting that journey, so we have no word for now.

Another fan brought up a good point that there’s likely a lot of deaths we haven’t even seen. Remember, we’re watching the show toward the end of John’s life. He’s likely been taking people to the train station for a long time before that.

“Really those are only the ones we know about,” one person wrote. “And it’d be a lot with just the ones we know about. I can’t imagine the full number of people that have taken the long black train to nowhere.”