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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Wonder If Kayce Will Want Revenge on Jamie

by Courtney Blackann

When “Yellowstone” fans realized that Jamie’s biological father was behind the attacks on the Dutton family, we all wondered how Jamie would avenge the family that raised him. Except that day never came. And now fans are wondering whether the youngest Dutton brother would have claimed revenge on Jamie for his inaction.

In a post on Reddit, a fan posed the question, “What do you think would Kayce have done to Jamie if he found out the truth about the attacks. Surely would have treated him better than Beth and John originally sent Kayce to find out anyway.”

And many fans responded with their insight based on what we know about Kayce and Jamie. Over the course of four seasons, Kayce and Jamie haven’t exactly been close. But is Kayce the type to plot revenge in the same way Beth is?

One fan writes, “I’m not so sure Kayce would have been all that easy on Jamie considering his kid had to kill a man who was trying to kill Kayce’s wife during the attack.”

And another seems to agree with the previous poster.

“Maybe not, Jamie found out and still kept it secret. Jamie is showing more loyalty, in that moment, to Garrett Randall, than he is the Duttons. He put Kayce’s family at risk.”

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But at least one person isn’t holding Jamie entirely responsible for the actions of his father – despite Jamie’s knowledge about it.

“But since the initial attacks, Garrett hasn’t made any moves against the Duttons. Jamie can’t be held responsible for what Garrett did previously without his knowledge. Kayce would understand that. Plus, killing Garrett would show Jamie’s loyality flip-flopping back toward the Duttons, maybe not 100%, more like middle-of-the-road, where Jamie has some space to breath and try to figure out where he truly stands,” the Reddit poster states.

And further, it seems that other fans have some sympathy for Jamie. Admittedly, he had it pretty rough in the fourth season what with Beth constantly after him for blood. Jamie is trying to find his place within the worls and the realm of the Dutton family.

“He sure as hell would have been more civil about it, having an honest sit down discussion. All Kayce can really be upset about is that Jamie didn’t come to him or John as soon as he found out Garrett was involved. Jamie had nothing to do with the attacks. And, in hindsight, Jamie has already punished Garrett, something Kayce, and maybe even John, can pat him on the back for. Beth will probably find an excuse to twist Jamie’s nuts every chance she gets until she dies,” another fan writes.

As for the season four conclusion, Jamie ultimately shows loyalty to his Dutton family roots when he kills Garrett Randall. Though he most likely did this to spare himself from Beth’s wrath, Jamie cut off the source that was after the “Yellowstone” staples. Only season five will tell us where the story goes from here.