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‘Yellowstone’ Fans Wonder Why Tate Is Never in School

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

We are halfway through the fourth season of “Yellowstone” and it’s been a bumpy ride for Tate Dutton.

Now, some “Yellowstone” fans are asking why Tate was at the ranch and not at school. We have not seen Tate in a school setting in three and a half seasons. It begs the question — does he even go to school? On popular forum site Reddit, fans discuss Tate’s education — or lack thereof.

“I know it’s a TV show but, does Tate ever go to school?” a “Yellowstone” watcher asks. “His mom is a teacher for crying out loud. Also, did Monica quit her job as a professor?”

We don’t know how or if Tate is receiving a standard education but he’s certainly learning about the Dutton way of life. He is likely to own “Yellowstone” Ranch someday as an heir to the current owner, John Dutton. Until then, a majority of his education is geared toward learning the ins and out of the cattle ranching industry.

As you would expect, “Yellowstone” fans came up with interesting theories on why Tate is not in school.

“I think the show is somehow always in the summer,” a Reddit user surmises. “Montana is cold, white and windy for 9 months out of the year. We somehow never see it except for summer and green.”

“There are a couple of scenes of Tate being taken to school in Season 1,” another fan recalls. “Monica and Kayce decided to homeschool Tate towards the end of Season 3, which takes place in the summer, so Tate wouldn’t have been in school anyway. In the last episode, Monica mentions reenrolling Tate in the school on the reservation, so he can be with his friends again.”

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Has Been Tough on Tate Dutton

You can’t help but for sorry for the little guy as “Yellowstone” season four has really put him through the wringer. The fourth season’s opening sequence puts Tate in a tough situation that obviously still has effects on the boy’s mental health. With an attack on “Yellowstone” Ranch, Tate and his mother, Monica Dutton. are forced to take cover in the main house. Monica is forced to defend herself and her son when an assailant attacks her. As the assailant gets the advantage over Monica, Tate rushes in to save the day. He shoots the man with a shotgun, saving him and his mother. Despite the heroics, Tate is deeply shaken after taking a man’s life.

After his father, Kayce Dutton, decides his young family could use some time away from the “Yellowstone” ranch, they head to the Native American Reservation.

Tate seems to be doing much better now that he is on the reservation and participating in Native American Rituals. We even see him crack a smile as he exits the sweat lodge. Hopefully, we see more of that as the season progresses.