‘Yellowstone’ Favorites: Beth Dutton Bails Out Monica and ‘Goes Shopping’

by Halle Ames

As one of our favorites Yellowstone scenes, we take a look back on Beth Dutton and Monica’s “shopping trip” that takes quite the turn.

Beth Dutton Gets Even

After Monica gets stopped at a small boutique for “shoplifting,” things begin to escalate. The police are called because poor Monica looks young enough to be a student, and the kids in the town have been known to steal from the shop. Also, Monica points out that the reason she was randomly selected was due to her ethnicity as Native American.

When the police arrive, they demand Monica return the items she supposedly stole. She repeatedly pleads that she has done nothing wrong besides being an unfortunate victim of racial profiling. The woman officer takes Monica to the back to remove her clothing to check for the missing ring, which a side clip shows the owner hiding under her shoe.

Monica quickly phones Beth Dutton, who takes care of business swiftly and efficiently with a healthy amount of attitude. Beth arrives at the store and the owner recognizes her by name, telling Beth the boutique is currently closed due to the incident.

What the owner doesn’t know is that Beth Dutton is Monica’s sister-in-law.

When Beth pulls back a curtain to the dressing room, she relieves a scared and naked Monica.

“Well, I’m no lawyer, but I believe it’s the fourth Amendment that deals with unlawful search and seizure,” states Beth Dutton.
“The search is voluntary,” says the officer.

“Sure doesn’t look voluntary to me,” Beth responds as she snaps a photo of the scene. “Leave her alone.”

As the officer leaves the room, Beth Dutton exits with her, closing the curtain so Monica can get dressed. She looks at the two police and recognizes them immediately.

“I went to high school with you,” as she points to the male officer.

“And you? You babysat her husband,” referring to the woman officer who used to babysit Kayce when he was a child.

The man pleads that the driver’s license says “Long” and not “Dutton,” but instead, the police decide to leave the store.

“You’ll Miss All the Fun.”

Monica exits the changing room and thanks, Beth Dutton. She heads for the exit, but Beth stops her and quickly locks the door while rolling up her sleeves.

“Wait. Don’t go. You’ll miss all the fun. While I’m here, I might as well shop.”

The owner knows things are about to get ugly, so she sends two workers to the back.

Beth takes a look into one of the large glass showcases.

“Oh, that’s nice,” Beth states as she reaches for a large metal object and swiftly breaks through the glass.

Although the video ends, we cannot forget when Beth Dutton does to the owner exactly what she had just done to Monica. Embarrass her. Beth begins ordering the woman to remove her shirt and other clothing. All the while, Beth is making fun of the store, and her plastic surgery, and her wealthy husband.

Monica, being the just and sane person she is, tells Beth to stop. She says that doing the same thing to another person makes her just as bad as the stereotyping owner.

Regardless, the scene is bad*ss for Beth, who, like always, known exactly how to get even. No one messes with a Dutton, or there will be hell to pay in the form of Beth.